Stream 1

LIVE Spirit Voice and Pictures
(The Radio Spectrograph Stream)

***8/25/17 We have come back online with spectrograph images again, BUT the images are not coming from a radio…
They are coming from Stream 3 – “Project Michael”
Details: Video is Spectrograph of Stream3. Audio is LIVE radio as described below. The two are combined for your personal experience.

For chronological samples of the audio from this stream, as well as Keith’s personal notes, click HERE.
For chronological samples of pictures from this stream, click HERE (coming soon)

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More Info coming soon…..this is a live audio\video stream. (Update Dec 20, 2015 10amEST – the audio source is now a radio tuned to 25.5Mhz) The audio is filtered LIVE, then fed into the spectrograph software. The viewer then hears spirit speaking, and sees spirit images in the same sound source. Developed in 2007, this is one of the most exciting ways to connect with spirit live using technology. They love to use it, and we love to watch! The point is participation – this is a live connection, and spirit knows when you are on the “Stream.”

Use the same practices you would use for EVP. Put the stream on your TV, or on your computer screen, make it full screen, and sit back and immerse yourself in this live connection. Take snapshots of the screen or record audio. It’s tangible, it’s real; you can see them and hear them – and you don’t need to refer to yourself as a medium to make this connection – everyone has this ability. They are looking forward to your visit – talk with them like you would an old friend. Ask them to show you their pictures, and observe as the marriage of mediumship and technology brings us that much closer to being able to communicate with the “other side.” (The long-term goal is to develop our own spiritual and mediumship abilities)

This stream is PURE, in that it is 99% free of any radio broadcast voices or any other voice generated by people or other means. As it is a radio intentionally tuned to “static” at approximately 25.5Mhz, the possibility does exist that outside radio frequencies that include human voice could interfere from time to time. But that margin is extremely slim. Just remember – if this is the case, why are they talking all the time, nonstop; and to add to that – how could they reply to you if you asked a question; and if that isn’t enough……how exactly can they produce a picture on your computer screen?

We say…..spend time on the stream and you will understand.

There is no disclaimer on this stream – it is exactly what we present it to be, and we’re quite honored to present it to the public in this manner. One Radio  + an audio cable + computer + software (audio filtering) + internet + YOU = The Stream.

NO Human Voice, NO Sound Banks are used in the production of this live stream.
All iDigitalMedium streams are certified 100% LIVE. Nothing is pre-recorded unless explicitly stated. If an audio file or sound source is used, the original will always be provided on that stream page. 


Created by:
Keith J. Clark