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Sanyang Family Fundraiser Year 3
Let’s Thank Marcello Bacci!
5 Secrets to Spiritual Success
Sanchita Speaking
Unsung Heroes – Karl Jackson-Barnes
Wedding Traditions among the Agĩkũyũ People of Kenya
Unsung Heroes – Jack Andrews
Unsung Heroes – Sandra Foy
The Struggles of African Women
Standoff at Kenya Music Festival
Drought in Kenya
Unsung Heroes – John Hardaker
Personal Story – Séances in Ontario, Canada
Unsung Heroes – David Duffield of
Unsung Heroes – Michael Tymn
Sonia Rinaldi – Unborn Child Transcript
Unsung Heroes – Tim Ryan of
Some ideas about the way ITC works
Personal Story – See You in a Few Minutes
The Memorial of William Addams Welch
A Twist Of FATE – Spiricom or SpiriCon
The Spiricom Information Packet
The COMPLETE Spiricom Technical Manual
Russian Scientists Discover The Mystery Of The Other Side
Spiricom – Its Development & Potential – The Complete Recordings
Declassified – The Spiricom Technical Report
The Personal Plight of Bill and Mary Alice O’Neil
The Original Spiricom Tones
First Contact Between George Meek and Bill O’Neil
Sarah Estep Operates Spiricom
The Euro Signal Bridge of Jules and Maggy Harsch – Fischbach – Part 3
The Euro Signal Bridge of Jules and Maggy Harsch – Fischbach – Part 2
The Euro Signal Bridge of Jules and Maggy Harsch – Fischbach Part – 1
The Exorcism Of Bill O’Neil and Mary Alice
The Lamoreaux Brothers Chapter – 5
The Lamoreaux Brothers Chapter – 4
The Lamoreaux Brothers Chapter – 3
Interactive Audio ITC Experiment For You To Try
Who?? – The Lamoreaux Brothers: Chapter 2
Who?? – The Lamoreaux Brothers: Chapter 1
Who?? – Foreword
Alternate Sources For EVPs
The Raudive Diode and Its Place in History
Peek-A-Boo ITC You
Telepathy for Loved Ones in World War II?
Monkey Business at NASA
Footer New Keith Test Black White
Footer New Keith Test Black White
All iDigitalMedium YouTube Videos
The Bird of Paradise – A Manuscript of Channeled Material Received by a Telepathic Medium
Project St. Peter: Lab 1 Part 1
Nonprofit Update August 3 2017
Blog 5: Go With The Flow
We Don’t Die Radio Show by Sandra Champlain
Form to Send a Message to Marcello Bacci
Lost Treasures
Para-X Radio Interview March 2009
“Chasing Ghosts” – Monterey County Weekly 10-26-2006
Seek Reality with Roberta Grimes Radio Interview 10-16-16
Visions of Chaos Experimental Project
Stream 3
October 2016 Worldwide ITC Meditation
7 Ways We Can Help Bring Life After Death Into The 21st Century
Blog 4: The Next Chapter
September 2016 Global Meditation
Blog 3: Wait for Nothing – Spirit Brings Them to Me
IPATI – Transcommunication Between The Living -The Case of Debora
Blog 2: Who Am I?
Blog 1: The First Step is the Largest
Multi-track method
Russian Researchers Establish Radio Contact with the Dead
Russia: 25,000 Strong in Spirit
The Valentine Gift
The Red Plaid Shirt
The Sanyang Family – Gambia, West Africa
We’re Back: The Continued Quest for Direct Radio Voice Using High Voltage
The Symmetric Metric: ITC Using Water, Light, and Symmetry
Intention and Focus Trumps Hocus Pocus
Thomas Edison: The Lost Chapter
In Disguise – The Angel and You
Physical Séance Room Recollections Vol I
Are You a Leader? 12 Characteristics
Outta Sight, Out of Body: The Fingerprint
Astral City: A Spiritual Journey – Trailer (Portuguese: Nosso Lar) (Available to Rent Online)
Chico Xavier – Portuguese (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese Subtitles)
Ectoplasm – The Film (Subtitles in English)
Suicide Birds – Signs From Spirit
Ectoplasm in a Jar? The Bellosean Sphere