Letter to Our Readers


Dear friends,

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Since the beginning of time, even more so in the last 150 years, people have been researching and coming to the conclusion that life does not end at death and that we have the ability to communicate with spirit.

We have noticed: Change comes about one person at a time, one individual at a time, one experience at a time.

While scientist and others work to provide evidence of life after death, what can the rest of the population contribute? The time has come for you, the people, to come together and share your experiences as one. This can be done through the sharing of personal experiences in a down to earth, natural way – with specific details that relate to our everyday lives. We can demonstrate that not only is the world of spirit closer than most people think, but also that we acknowledge the spirit within ourselves. We ask you to join hands with us as we share this information with the world.

Each and every person has something to share: a personal experience, a story, something that can demonstrate the beauty and power of spirit all around us. Right now we have the Internet as a tool and social media which we use to express our selves to the world. Change is happening and will come at a quicker pace now.

It all begins with one person – you.

Please ask yourself what would happen if:

1 million people shared – one experience, one story,  one picture, one validation through a medium,  one near death experience, one out of body experience, a website link, a book that you read that touched your heart and you feel can help others…..and on and on it goes. What would that look like? Would it be amazing? We think so.

Imagine 1 million pieces of information in one place categorized, tagged – easy to search and easy to find. What kind of impact you think that could have in the world? Could it help someone just beginning their path of exploration? Could it help us learn more about each other and become aware of areas we are not specifically involved in? We ask you to be a part of it, to join us, to come together.

Question: we already have Google, Facebook, and social media, why do we need another website?

Google: We can search Google but you have to know what you’re looking for. While doing that you have to weed through advertisements and multiple pages that may not even be relevant. You may find yourself looking for telepathy one minute and find yourself reading “The Top 10 Ways to Become Successful” the next minute.

On this site, everything is relevant – as it was specifically designed with the spiritual community in mind. Everything contributed is predominantly BY people in the spiritual community.
People can go for years researching different areas of spirituality and life after death and not even be aware of other areas. We hope to quicken that pace of awareness for all, including ourselves.

There is so much information out there, so many publications, websites, sole proprietors, etc. – but they have yet to link together, in one place. How many times has information passed by you and perhaps you said “I wish I had time to read that, I’ll file it away for later.” Have you ever had the desire to be a bookworm, or absorb so much knowledge, but never feel you have the time? We do. We have tons of information sitting in our heads that we know would help somebody, somewhere – but yet we have not had an avenue to share that with them.

Facebook: People can share their experiences on Facebook but have you ever tried to go back a few days or week later and tried to find an answer to something that you had already seen or read? Facebook is Short-Term Retention, limited information with limited amount of feedback and interaction. Can you fully express yourself? What if you want to write something long? Some Facebook groups also don’t allow pictures due to the large volume of participation and small amount of space in which to display it.

In addition, you have to already know people interested in the same areas that you are interested in, or you have to be a part of a group or be their Facebook friend to see this information. Even then, the news feed is adjusted by algorithms that are not configured to bring you more spiritual information – that’s for sure!

iDigitalMedium is a regular internet page, visible world-wide, translatable into most languages (translation is not perfect, but it gets the point across) 🙂 , and compatible with all mobile devices. We are always thinking of new ways to improve, create, adjust, and invent techniques so that we can offer more functionality for the community.

What is the goal of iDigitalMedium?

Our goal is to give you – The People, a voice – an opportunity to share something special to you that, when combined with the experiences of others, has the potential to demonstrate a well-rounded picture of spirituality in the world today on areas such as life after death, communication with spirit, and personal spiritual development.

Another reason this website was created is that not every person has the ability to write or publish a book, create their own websites, or create their own blogs. Our mission is to provide a place for anyone who has access to a computer to have the ability to share their personal experience and contribute to the whole.

We are the “medium” through which people without technical means and know-how will be able to share their experiences quickly and easily, within minutes. They don’t need to create their own websites, they don’t need to be an author or publisher, they don’t need to speak one particular language, they don’t need to be anything other than what they already are.

The minimum requirement needed is:
Desire to Share………….and…………. a Computer

What do I have to gain by sharing my experiences here on this website?

First and foremost, by contributing a personal experience you can help raise the consciousness of humanity as a whole. Not only that, but when you share something you also have the option of providing your name, a link to your website or other Internet resource. We believe in networking, we believe in people, we believe in our future.

After a period of time all boundaries of geographic location, culture, and social status will be overcome and the result will be the world standing united as one. This is our goal – this is our mission – To Unite.

So, without us, the people, participating and sharing, there would be no reason for this website?

Correct. That is exactly correct. This website is built on the principle that if everyone contributed a small piece, the result would be the most amazing masterpiece we have ever seen. And we don’t ask that you do much more than you already are. Do what you already love doing – and share it with the world as you do it. You already come across information every day, you think about things everyday, you have experiences every day. Share a little bit of that with the world.

Think about it. There is all of this information out there, where does a person start? If it is shared on Facebook, it is here today, gone tomorrow. It comes into the consciousness of people that see it, never reaches the people that don’t see it, and then falls back into obscurity.

There are a lot of people who have gone through efforts to share their spiritual experiences with the world through websites, writing books, participating in forums, and sharing on social media – and for that we applaud you!

This information is scattered to the winds, all of this valuable information that, if linked to one place, would then begin to show the true scope of how far and wide the knowledge of life after death is known and practiced.

There is no way to quantify how many people are involved in spiritual endeavors at this time. By sharing collectively, we hope to show that it is a worldwide movement.

We thank you for reading this and joining us in our quest to connect people from all over the world together in a stand of unity.

We are normal everyday people, We are spiritual people, We are the light of the earth, We are spirit.

In the light,
iDigitalMedium Team