Spirituality Meets Creativity

“Spirituality” and Creativity are now blending together, on this website we will explore all different areas of what it means to be spiritual – we will bend and break stereotypes of what the world’s perception is of the spiritual community and show a new understanding.

Each and every person is spirit, spirit is not outside of ourselves, it is within. And here we will demonstrate this principle – with your help.

Life After Death, Spirituality, Creativity, and Technology…..

What happens when you blend them all together?

Life After Death
This topic attracts more interest every day, and we continue our quest to find the answers to some of the most sought after questions.

Every person has a unique life experience, belief system, and understanding of what spirituality means to them.

There is a creative force within all of us, ready and waiting, longing to be utilized.

People around the world are using technology as a tool, as their medium through which they research, experiment, collect, and share information regarding all spiritual topics.

Questions you may have asked yourself:

  • Is there life after death?
  • What happens when we die?
  • Can we communicate with those who have died (transitioned)?
  • What does it mean to me to be spiritual?
  • What do I create? What can I create?
  • What are my own unique gifts?
  • How do I develop my own spirituality?
  • How can I communicate with spirit?

The Goal
Our goal is to “iNSPIRE and Be iNSPIRED”. Our goal is to show that everyone, regardless of who you are, where you come from, or what your beliefs are – can grow together and learn from each other’s experiences. Everyone is a creator.

On our quest to find our answers, we have many experiences. By openly sharing the experiences of other people and our own individual experiences with others, we are becoming cohesive, working as individuals to build the collective knowledge of mankind. Whether your interest is in life after death, communication with spirit, spiritual development, technology, or creativity, etc…….all of these aspects will be openly explored on this website – both the challenges and the triumphs.

The Vision
This website embodies the vision expressed on both sides of life (those of us here on the physical plane, and those in spirit). The time has come to work together as one. By lifting up another, we ourselves rise. By encouraging another, we become strong ourselves. Remembering that we are creators rather than bystanders, we will all exercise our creativity to contribute to this effort. Our vision is to become a source of information that will inspire for generations to come.

The Union
Our task is to unify with people from all countries of the world and collect information regarding life after death, spirituality, creativity, and our evolution. We will go in search of information, we will gather, collect and coordinate, and we ask you to assist us with this task as we share this with the world. You are the heart of iDigitalMedium, your contribution to the community is the essence of this website.

As we collect this data we will endeavor to demonstrate that:

  • We are all spirit, and death is only a transition.
  • Anyone genuinely seeking the answer to their questions will find their answers
  • Each individual must have their own personal experience, there is no substitute
  • We are all developing spiritually through our life experiences
  • Everyone has the power to create, in their own unique way
  • It is our within our grasp to cultivate our intent to develop our own mediumship abilities and connect with spirit
  • Becoming open to and working with spirit can be rewarding, and also fun!
  • We all face challenges as we pursue these goals in our daily lives

Join us as we begin our greatest mission of this time: to join the world together as one, in pursuit of a better understanding of all things spiritual.

Welcome Creator, to iDigitalMedium.

What will YOU create?