Stream 6 – Experiment Stream

Stream 6 – Audio Only

***This is a stream that may be up or down at any time. It is only active when an experiment requires it, and is not guaranteed to be up for any length of time. This stream is subject to change at any time. 

UPDATE 6-27-17 Please listen to this at stream 3 here:
(The shouthost server broke so I’m temporarily rerouting to Stream 3 audio only.)
7:20pmEST – emailing owners of and requesting permission for occasional re-streams such as this one.

6-25-17 10pmEST – ? (setting changed on 6/26/17 8:30pmEST after program crash – will be refined another day) This is a live filtered stream. We have taken a LIVE feed from, which is being streamed LIVE right now by a 3rd party to YouTube – with the intent of viewers to be able to observe Meteor Echoes from the atmosphere. Instead, we have applied proprietary filtering methods to this feed, which I refer to as “augmentation”, and are RE-streaming THEIR live feed after applying our own methods. If you hear any voice, keep in mind that there is nothing but static in the original source. 

6-14-17  This is a live filtered stream. The source is here:  We are re-streaming a filtered version of the second VLF station from Cumiana, NW Italy. So it is live from Italy to Florida, US – where it is filtered LIVE and sent back LIVE to the world. 

To understand more of what this particular experiment is, watch the video here:

NO Human Voice, NO Sound Banks are used in the production of this live stream.
All iDigitalMedium streams are certified 100% LIVE. Nothing is pre-recorded unless explicitly stated. If an audio file or sound source is used, the original will always be provided on that stream page. 

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