Stream 1 – Audio Only

***Stream has been live 24/7,  radio is currently located in attic – has been since approximately 7/15/17

LIVE Filtered Radio Feed (no radio broadcast, no sweep tuning)
This is an audio only feed of the same device you see/hear on Stream 1 (Spectrograph)

NO Human Voice, NO Sound Banks are used in the production of this live stream.
All iDigitalMedium streams are certified 100% LIVE. Nothing is pre-recorded unless explicitly stated. If an audio file or sound source is used, the original will always be provided on that stream page. 

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Radio Setup on 12/4/2015

Radio Setup on 12/4/2015

Information coming soon. For historical information on this project, please visit the now-defunct ITC Bridge stream page here: and the Section in the ITC Bridge Forum here: