The iDigitalMedium team is composed of people such as yourself – volunteers from all walks of life. Our ages vary considerably, as well as our life experiences. We share a common interest – to water the “plant” of human consciousness and watch as it blossoms into a beautiful flower.

As we move forward in this effort, the list of those who will join us will grow. While everyone is a part of this initiative – the people on this page contribute of their time selflessly because they believe in the purpose, have passion, and are willing to work together as one.

We also give special thanks to those who have previously served in capacity as a team member and have helped us grow since the birth of iDigitalMedium. Their contributions and service to the community is much appreciated.

Keith J. Clark ~ Founder, Admin, Team Leader

Jeremy Michael Bloxsom – Founder, Social Media, Preservation

Suzanne Carter ~ Volunteer, YouTube Playlists, Comms, Miscellaneous

Karyn Jarvie – Volunteer, Editor, Miscellaneous

Chris Johnson ~ Infrastructure, SEO, Preservation


Alumni & Honorary Mentions

Ron Ruiz ~ Co-Founder,  Admin, Historian

Shari ~ Admin, Editor, Development Circle Facilitator

Gretchen Bickert – Admin, Newsletter, Humanitarian Efforts, Various

Rita Kozushin ~ Events Curator, Russian Liaison / Russian Translator

Vicki Talbott ~ Editor, Stream Moderator

Lorie McCloud ~Development Circle Facilitator, Interviews

Matt Payne – Worldwide EVP Exhibit Curator

Michael Tanya ~ Timeline Projects

Gloria Ormsby ~ Infrastructure

Dan Smith ~ Writer, Historian

Mario Fontes ~ Brazil Liaison / Portuguese Translator

Alex Bliss ~ Humanitarian and Inspirational Writer

Hans Kennis ~ Netherlands Liaison

Sheri Perl – Volunteer, Writer, Researcher