Jeremy Michael Bloxsom

Jeremy was with the team during the first growth phase and also served as one of the original team members. His contributions include the successful growth of the Facebook and Twitter networks. He continues his selfless networking to this day, and is known as an individual that spans across many networks and pockets of researchers.

We thank him for the great service he has, and continues to fulfill in his continued quest for pure truth and its propagation.

Jeremy Michael Bloxsom
Social Media

Jer45bwJeremy has been active in websites and online forums regarding ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) for quite some time. After the launch of the iDigitalMedium website we took notice of him on Facebook and Twitter – sharing the work of others selflessly. He had a natural gift, is a clear team player, and naturally we made contact and ended up with a valuable addition to the team!

Jeremy has been with iDigitalMedium since November 2014 and immediately set out to improve our internet reach by pioneering our Twitter launch. Since then, he has nurtured Twitter on a daily basis and continues to do so, while maintaining his personal interests in communication with others, ITC, and other varied topics.

In early 2014 he previously created the TDC Researchers website and forum.

Jeremy helps keep our teeny Twitter bird chirping happily away, as well as sharing knowledge across the field.