Noelle Clark

Noelle Clark
Board Member, Administration

Noelle Clark has been a professional meeting planner for over 30 years.

In her career she has managed many high profile events, including designing over 30 Champ Car race programs for Paul Newman’s racing team in the U.S., Mexico, Australia and Canada. Other high-profile events include Indianapolis 500, Kentucky Derby, Fiesta Bowl and Tampa Bay Rays games.

Her life-long passion for competitive sports includes cycling, tennis, volleyball, running and weightlifting – which has led her to take fitness to the next level.  She placed in 2008 and 2009 as a National Physique Committee (NPC) fitness competitor.

She is married to Keith, the founder of the iDigitalMedium team.

Her main interests in communication with Spirit are to communicate with her father who transitioned in the last few years, as well as her sister and brother who passed many years ago.