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Share a Website  ***Added 2/1/2015

Ever wished there was a comprehensive list of websites related to all thing spiritual?
Now, YOU can help build it! Add a website today!

Share an EVP for the Worldwide EVP Exhibit  ***Added 2/1/2015
Wouldn’t it be great if there was an exhibit of recorded EVP’s from around the world – All in one area, easy to find? We think so!

Share a Book  ***Added 12/30/16
When you run across a book and think it will help someone, don’t you wish there was a way to share it with others? Help others easily find that book they’ve been searching for! By Readers, For Readers.

Share Your Story  ***Coming Soon
Have a story to share? Share it with the world! No story is too short or too long. Maybe it’s a story, maybe it’s an article, maybe its…….Well, maybe you’ll surprise us!

ITC Image Exhibit  ***Coming Soon
If a picture says it all – what would 500 ITC pictures say? We intend to find out!

Events  ***Changed to Manual Entry
Ever said “I wish I had known about that event, I would have gone!” Fear no more, we’re going to solve this problem with YOUR help – once and for all!
***this was changed to a manual entry page by iDigitalMedium staff. Know of an upcoming event? email [email protected]  


Business Directory  ***Cancelled
Not moving forward with it – not our specialized area. Checkout this same idea presented by our friend Jock Brocas at

Inventions  ***Coming Soon
Wouldn’t it be great if you had an idea for an invention and decided to share it with the universe, not knowing what the outcome would be? Crazy you say? We love crazy! We’ll be sharing some of our own ideas. Part of being creative is doing the exact opposite of what is typically expected.

Spirit Art  ***Coming Soon
We know that art is created both intentionally and also by surprise when working with spirit. It floats around the internet, largely unrecognized – we would like to provide it with a permanent home where we can all admire its beauty!

  ***Coming Soon  (In Consideration)
There are more authors each year, more people that write, more people that want to know how to get their books published or publish themselves. Why not share your experiences and list of publishers friendly to spiritual content. Help others help themselves, that’s what this community is about!

YOUR Idea Here
  ***Coming Soon
The best part of a community is that everyone has ideas – and we know YOU will, so we’re reserving a space for YOUR idea!