Project Saint Peter

NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED: What was Metascience working on after Spiricom? Project St. Peter

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Sanchita Russian Lab

Sanchita Speaking

By Suzanne Carter

Sanchita Speaking by Artem Miheev, PhD, president of the Russian Association for Instrumental Transcommunication (RAIT) – St. Petersburg, Russian Federation Translated by Rita Kozushin Introduction: Sanchita is a group of spiritual beings regularly sending their information to the computer of the trans-communication station in St. Petersburg. The initial contacts originated in 2008 – See Here.…

Unsung Heroes – Karl Jackson-Barnes

By Suzanne Carter

Unsung Heroes – Karl Jackson-Barnes Karl Jackson-Barnes doesn’t consider himself an “unsung hero”. He describes himself as an archivist and a medium who has just had the good fortune of gaining access to some of the best seance material recorded in the 20th century. Karl is an editor, publisher and medium. In 2013 he published The Edwardian Afterlife…

Unsung Heroes – Jack Andrews

By Suzanne Carter

Unsung Heroes – Jack Terrence Andrews – The New Leslie Flint Educational Trust Jack Terrence Andrews created The New Leslie Flint Educational Trust Facebook page and YouTube channel to share recordings never heard before of sessions held with the great direct voice medium, Leslie Flint. These tapes would probably have been lost to the world if not for…

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