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Non-Profit Fundraiser UPDATE 8-3-17: A quick update for those of you who contributed towards our fundraiser to incorporate as a non-profit, for the purpose of preservation of history…Articles of Incorporation have been filed, IRS EIN has been acquired, on to bank account next and other items and IRS non-profit filing tasks. Remainder of funds will sit in the bank.

Our intention is to complete those tasks as cost effectively as possible, then make an appearance and show our support at the AREI Symposium in Scottsdale, AZ. in September.Our plans are to continue research, update the website and turn it into an intelligently organized portal of information (nobody will be hired for this, we do it ourselves).

Preservation – that’s a large job. We’re already doing some of it, we have a few small case studies we need to complete with people before anyone is going to understand how exactly we can go about preserving history. Slowly but surely this work will take form and grow in size. At one point it will need funds to do so, and we’ll need to figure out how to accomplish that. But for now, one step at a time.

Keith has made some new friends in regards to a proposal for a “Preservation Committee” (worldwide) who would help determine what is most at risk, and how to go about preserving it for the future. So far, this effort has not been very productive, partially because the plan has not been spelled out to the letter.

If you or someone you know is knowledgeable on any particular genre, or topic relative to life after death – and would be interested in being part of such a committee – always feel free to reach out to: [email protected]

What does this mean? Say, for example you are knowledgeable on the Leslie Flint tapes. Or knowledgeable on physical mediumship. Or you know websites related to life after death really well. Or you know of material, be it physical or otherwise, that is at risk. Or you happen to be a YouTube video nut, and you know the most influential documentaries on life After Death.
That is all you need to be part of this group. All subject matter “experts” or otherwise passionate are welcome.

We thank you for your support!

***UPDATE: 08/03/17 We have finished our initial project to send Thank You Messages to Mr. Marcello Bacci, a pioneer in ITC and work with spirit.
The messages are being printed out and mailed to Mr. Bacci. What a wonderful effort by the community!! Click on the picture for more info


Welcome to iDigitalMedium! The Home Of Instrumental Transcommunication

Instrumental TranscommunicationHere we share YOUR personal experiences in relation to life after death, spirituality, communication with those on the “other side”, paranormal, and many other related topics.

It’s about working together – even more so, it’s about the spirit in US. Each and every one of us is spirit ourselves, and we would like to demonstrate how this is evident in our world today by sharing your stories – and how you connected to and stay connected to the spirit within.  

We, acting as the “digital medium” through which this information is shared, are tasked with providing a relay of your personal experiences – directly from you to the world. The “i” in iDigitalMedium is for individual expression.

iDigitalMedium is also a tongue in cheek phrase for how we navigate and communicate in the digital world, how many of us use electronic devices to aid in spirit communication, and also indicates that everyone has the capability to allow spirit to work through them.

Instrumental TranscommunicationEver wanted to share something with the world but felt like you don’t have a voice?  With our automated forms we make it easy for you to do so. You share your experience, it is reviewed and then published online. It’s that simple!

This website is By the people, For the people for together we are ONE. We look forward to your contributions and growing as a team.

With YOU, it has potential to become one of the largest and most comprehensive sources of information in the world.

We call on you – we call on your spirit to join us today in this effort.

Welcome to the next generation of networking and sharing!

Welcome to iDigitalMedium – Instrumental Transcommunication

Get started now! >>>> Read more about iDigitalMediumCheck out our Articles (soon to be YOUR stories),  or Start Sharing Now

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