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***NEW 04/26/17 Click on picture to read about Mr. Marcello Bacci, a pioneer in ITC and work with spirit.
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Welcome to iDigitalMedium! The Home Of Instrumental Transcommunication

Instrumental TranscommunicationHere we share YOUR personal experiences in relation to life after death, spirituality, communication with those on the “other side”, paranormal, and many other related topics.

It’s about working together – even more so, it’s about the spirit in US. Each and every one of us is spirit ourselves, and we would like to demonstrate how this is evident in our world today by sharing your stories – and how you connected to and stay connected to the spirit within.  

We, acting as the “digital medium” through which this information is shared, are tasked with providing a relay of your personal experiences – directly from you to the world. The “i” in iDigitalMedium is for individual expression.

iDigitalMedium is also a tongue in cheek phrase for how we navigate and communicate in the digital world, how many of us use electronic devices to aid in spirit communication, and also indicates that everyone has the capability to allow spirit to work through them.

Instrumental TranscommunicationEver wanted to share something with the world but felt like you don’t have a voice?  With our automated forms we make it easy for you to do so. You share your experience, it is reviewed and then published online. It’s that simple!

This website is By the people, For the people for together we are ONE. We look forward to your contributions and growing as a team.

With YOU, it has potential to become one of the largest and most comprehensive sources of information in the world.

We call on you – we call on your spirit to join us today in this effort.

Welcome to the next generation of networking and sharing!

Welcome to iDigitalMedium – Instrumental Transcommunication

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Our Youtube Channel

Spiricom Electrolarynx Trials - Live Facebook Stream 12-22-16
This video is a recording of a live Facebook stream. In this video we try different source files for use in our experiment. These audio...
Current Research & Development Using Spiricom Tones 12-14-16
Demonstration of Current Research Using Spiricom Tones This is a radio-free demonstration of current research and development in the niche area of Life After ...
WARRP - Water and Random Reflection Photography 1-6-2007 Water ITC
Over a decade old, this video contains remnants of a video tutorial on how to experiment with water ITC that never saw the light of...
Spiricom Tones
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Spiricom Recreation using Software Audio Over-Amplification - LIVE FB Stream 11-28-16
This was a live Facebook stream on 11-28-16. The Spiricom sound was Reverse-Engineered from an audio clip where Dr. George Jeffries Mueller uses the ...
11-22-16 Spirit Working on Experiment Radio at Night
This video is an excerpt of a recording done during the night on November 22nd 2016 (early AM hours of November 23rd, 2016) The radio...