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Interact with Spirit LIVE, in Real-Time!

Here at iDigitalMedium we believe in innovation and creativity. We also believe in sharing - by bringing that personal connection with spirit directly to you - not just in ways that you sense and feel, but also in ways that you can see with your eyes and hear with your ears. This is all done with technology and a sense of inner connection.

The streams listed on this page are created specifically for one purpose - to bring the world of spirit to your fingertips, so that you can interact with them live. There are no gimmicks, no cons, no special tricks. Just technology, spirit, and you.
***Streams may have up to a 45 second delay from the source to your computer.



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Stream Videos

Stream 1: "Organic Radio" and Spectrograph

Stream 1 is our oldest stream, dating back to 2007, first streamed to the internet in 2008. It has had many revisions, but the principle remains, to this day - the same. The radio is tuned to a station with just white noise (static) and is then filtered LIVE with noise reduction software. The audio is a live spectrograph of what is being heard. This area (Faces in Sound) is almost still entirely unexplored, Keith has plans to develop it "when the time is right."

Spirit has been working on this project for over a decade now. Watch as LIVE spirit images from sound come across your screen - while listening to them at the same time! In 2007 Keith discovered that spirit is more than willing and very capable of showing us their faces in LIVE sound. Regarding our friends in the afterlife, they absolutely love this method! It is one of their favorites, and we would certainly agree! How does it work? We don't know yet. For a sample video, visit HERE:

Sit and talk to people in spirit, while they do their best to show you their faces by sending you a picture on your computer screen! Not only that, you can chat with your friends in the chatroom on YouTube also! Why not have a group experiment? It's as easy as:

Step 1: Turn on computer
Step 2: Go to Stream
Step 3: Connect with People in Spirit
Et Voilà!!

Stream 1: "Organic Radio" and Spectrograph

This is a non-radio stream that uses a crafted set of tones to produce a robotic style voice similar to Bill O'Neil's Mark IV (Spiricom). It runs a single audio file on software called ExtremeSenses - Infinity Box EXP Edition by Martin Bellefeuille. Created by Ron Ruiz of the ITC Bridge and iDigitalMedium websites. We're not sure how Ron worked his name into the stream title (wink), but we're pretty sure it is well deserved! On this page you can listen LIVE to the Infinity software already pre-setup, or if you like to take things into your own hands - use the instructions provided to run the software yourself! Hats off to Martin Bellefeuille!

"Synthetic Streams" (Audio only)

The following streams were an accident - if you believe in them! As Keith refined his process of audio filtering over the years, as well as new experiments with sound layering, he began to stumble upon interesting things. During a Spiricom experiment in October of 2016 he discovered that he could hear voices in sound not coming from a radio. This is when synthetic streams were born - and it all started with a stream called "Clipper".

To hear a brief history checkout this playlist of synthetic streams since 2016:

The original objective was to recreate Spiricom...and the goal was to create the means to communicate with "spirit" WITHOUT THE USE OF ANY HUMAN VOICE OR RADIO.....instead, to use pure sound! This way once a connection happens, it will be easier to prove because the only variable left is: THE MIND There IS NO broadcast radio or babble or even an opportunity for a mistake to happen.

The end result is an ongoing long-term experimental process where "voices" are created using nothing but tones, static, and randomization. I refer to this as a form of "Practicing Meditation". It is actually a form of "assistive aid" that is intended to help people tune their minds.

Why is this important? Because some people can hear voices in them!

It would take too long to explain right now, but be assured - if you hear a voice in any of these streams - it is all happening INSIDE your brain - at least, this is how it currently appears to us. I guaranteed that the streams are always 100% live, NEVER recordings. These 4 audio streams run 24/7 on a virtual server.

Summary - If you want to experiment and see if you are one of the people who can train your mind to be able to perceive intelligence and communication from your environment, then this is why the streams are here.

PLEASE: Don't overtax yourself mentally by listening to the stream too much - and only experiment if you are of a sound mind and can control your emotions to only output positive thoughts.


We make absolutely no guarantee that you will hear anything at all. Consider these streams to be potential brainwave and mind entrainment tools.

***The name, description, or operation of any stream may change at any time. I work hard to keep these streams up, active, and pushing the boundaries of exploration - without any assistance. If you have any problems with any of the streams always feel free to reach out anytime!

Enjoy! ~Keith