Interact with Spirit LIVE, in Real-Time!

Here at iDigitalMedium we believe in innovation and creativity. We also believe in sharing - by bringing that personal connection with spirit directly to you - not just in ways that you sense and feel, but also in ways that you can see with your eyes and hear with your ears. This is all done with technology.

The streams listed on this page are created specifically for one purpose - to bring the world of spirit to your fingertips, so that you can interact with them live. There are no gimmicks, no cons, no special tricks. Just technology, spirit, and you.
***Streams may have a delay from the source to your computer.

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STREAM 1: LIVE Spirit Voices and Pictures Through Sound
Started in 2008, Re-born in 2015!

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Stream 1 is our oldest stream, dating back to 2007, first streamed to the internet in 2008. It has had many revisions, but the principle remains, to this day - the same. The audio is from a radio tuned to 25.5Mhz, and is filtered LIVE with noise reduction software. The images change from time to time. Originally the images were a visual representation of the same sound heard on the radio, in 2018 Keith has altered it to be images from man-made randomized synthetic sound. The effect is almost the same, faces still appear. This area is almost still entirely unexplored, Keith has plans to develop it "when the time is right."

Spirit has been working on this project for over a decade now. Watch as LIVE spirit images from sound come across your screen - while listening to them at the same time! In 2007 Keith discovered that spirit is more than willing and very capable of showing us their faces in LIVE sound. Regarding our friends in the afterlife, they absolutely love this method! It is one of their favorites, and we would certainly agree! How does it work?

Sit and talk to people in spirit, while they do their best to show you their faces by sending you a picture on your computer screen! Not only that, you can chat with your friends in the chatroom also! Why not have a group experiment? It's as easy as:

Step 1: Turn on computer
Step 2: Go to Stream
Step 3: Connect with People in Spirit
Et Voilà!!


STREAM 1 (Audio Only): Same Stream as above, but audio only - uses less bandwidth than the Spectrograph stream (Can be used on mobile devices using cellular data @ 96kbps)


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Exact same audio as above stream - just without the spectrograph images. How does it work? You talk to spirit, they talk to you. Your energy can help make it a success. We follow in the footsteps of pioneers such as Marcello Bacci, Anabela Cardoso, Raymond Bayless, Sonia Rinaldi, and Hans Otto König. Only thing is - we've added a twist! See the stream picture (above or to the right) with all of nerdy looking graphs and meters? Those are part of our software audio filters. (Actually really simple!) They take what we would only normally hear as static and make it possible for us to clearly realize that people on the "other side" do exist, do talk to us, and have always been right here with us - in the the energy all around us! Most people think that EVP is all spirit has to say, and we would like to point out - that is not all they are saying, that is just all we can hear! This current understanding of spirit's ability to sound just as normal as us and talk to us will revolutionize the way the world thinks about ITC (communication with spirit through electronics) And to think...we thought that EVP was great...what else are we missing?

STREAM 2: SpiriTron - by Ron Ruiz (Audio only)

SpiriTron Logo

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This is a non-radio stream that uses a crafted set of tones to produce a robotic style voice similar to Bill O'Neil's Mark IV (Spiricom). It runs a single audio file on software called  ExtremeSenses -  Infinity Box EXP Edition by Martin Bellefeuille. Created by Ron Ruiz of the ITC Bridge and iDigitalMedium websites. We're not sure how Ron worked his name into the stream title (wink), but we're pretty sure it is well deserved! On this page you can listen LIVE to the Infinity software already pre-setup, or if you like to take things into your own hands - use the instructions provided to run the software yourself! Hats off to Martin Bellefeuille!




STREAM 3: A.L.F. - A Low Frequency radio stream - by Keith J. Clark (Audio only)
(This stream has run its exhibit course and is now unavailable! - please select another stream)

This stream was what it would sound like if you heard someone talking out of a subwoofer - and you raised that sound up to where you could hear it within the normal audible range. Technically, this stream was the "Second Stage" of filtering after Stream 1 (First Stage). This was LIVE. It was Stream 1 with an additional filtering stage.

Discovery of low frequency was an "accident". After using an equalizer to raise the volume of low frequency tones received on Stream 1, Keith noticed something strange - anomalies that appeared to be low frequency! Further attempts at refining or artificially augmenting this voice with modulation and vocoders has not been that successful. In hopes of the community possibly being able to take this discovery one step further it was made public for a short time.

As of October 5th, 2016 this stream was finally retired after it was determined that it was unfeasible for continued experiments.

STREAM 4: Computer Generated Visual Noise
(This stream has run its exhibit course and is now unavailable! - please select another stream)

Stream4HarmwaveIn early March 2016 someone shared a FLICKR page by a man named Michael. On this page he describes how he "accidentally" found images in this windows tile software program (written back in 1999 or so). The program is called "Harmwave" or "sTiles". We gave it a shot, and while the quality leaves much to be desired, and the software is limited - we have come to the conclusion that there appears to be spirit influence in this computer generated noise. So we are hoping that you visit, spend some time, and decide for yourself! This experiment stream began March 15 to see what public perception and opinion on it is. While it is certainly on the fringe of what we believe to be acceptable, we are hoping that the following is the outcome: that the method employed by this piece of software is recognized and that someone will figure out if another piece of software performs the same or similar function - but with better quality. This is the second program to hit our radar - the first was ITC Scope by Sergey Horo in Russia. For more information, click on the stream picture.


Archived: A.R.T - The Altoids Radio Transceiver - by Russ and Bruce Moen (Audio only)


(This stream has run its exhibit course and is now unavailable! - please select another stream)

This stream features a live electronics device built in a collaboration between Bruce Moen and his friend Russ. It fits inside an Altoids (breath mints) tin box and is very small. Engineered using some of the basic Spiricom principles, this is essentially a low-power radio transceiver.

The basic idea is to input an audio signal (such as Spiricom tones), and have the device transmit that signal and also receive it. Then, the original signal can be compared against the received signal and both signals could cancel each other out. If the signals are cross-cancelled out, then the only thing remaining could presumably be the influence of other sources, such as the voices of people in spirit.

Not only was the original device a collaboration, but so is the experiment! Russ and Bruce created it, and Keith is running it from his house, filtering the audio LIVE, and streaming it to the internet.

Other Potential Stream Ideas!

  • Secondary Spectrograph Stream (2 separate Spectrograph streams total - one TV and one Radio) ****Completed on 1-2-2016***
  • Video Feedback Loop Images
  • ITCScope (Program that uses computer code to generate random pictures)
  • Augmented voice using musical and other principles
  • Wireless Camera Experiment using UDP traffic protocol
  • Skype to Skype Closed Loop Audio
  • Internal Soundcard Feedback Loops
  • Ultrasonic Experiments and Spectrographs
  • Vacuum Bell Jar Audio and Image experiments
  • many, many more