WANTED: Examples of EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena

Have you already shared your EVP files, and now want to see the Exhibit? If yes, then click HERE.

Welcome! This project has been on the chalkboard for awhile, and now it’s time to proceed forward. We hereby announce the beginning of our second project – the creation of a worldwide exhibit of Electronic Voice Phenomena. Our first project of having people automatically Submit Websites was a success, we anticipate even more potential with this endeavor! If your website or someone else’s is similar to the categories listed on our websites page, and it’s¬†not listed already – check it out; it takes 3 minutes and you’re done! It’s automagic!

If you don’t know who we are, well then it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance ūüôā¬†We are the iDigitalMedium team, the “next generation” of the ITC Bridge website. We’re a team of volunteers who work to share information of life after death from around the world.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to one place to find the best examples of spirit speaking through electronics, categorized by type, easy to find? What if someone is¬†brand new to the world of spirit communication and life after death – don’tcha think it would be great if they could stop somewhere and spend a few hours listening to samples of spirit speaking from all over the world? Sure, we can visit forums and websites, but most of the time we only get a small glimpse of the big picture. Just exactly how many people are experimenting with EVP? In how many countries….in how many languages?

You can help us paint this picture for the world. Our website and efforts stand on the principle of: What would happen if everyone contributed just a little bit? How big of an effect can we have on the world when we work together? We challenge you to help us find out!

Overload concept.So break out your flash drives, bust into your ftp servers, dig into that archived email, search for those best examples¬†you show¬†to people whenever a friend comes to visit, and get excited about it! What are we hoping? That you’ll break our email servers. That the response will be so ridiculous we’ll be overloaded and cry out for mercy. Why? Are we gluttons for punishment? (Hmmm, maybe we like a challenge!) The real reason is: Because it will show the true impact spirit has on our world today, how real spirit communication is, and how connected we are. Your submission counts, and will help quantify the real impact that working with spirit really has in the world.

Project:  Worldwide EVP Exhibition
Official Launch: 3-30-2016 (this project will continue indefinitely)
Goal: 1,000 evp audio files, 12 languages, 12 countries, at least 500 participants
Categories:¬†Eight¬†Categories –¬†***see below
Quantity: 3 files per person/group PER category may be submitted
Maximum: 24 files if a person/group submits 3 files for each category (3 x 8 = 24)
Max Length: Up to 45 seconds per audio clip / file
Max Size: 4 MB (megabytes)
Preferred Format: .MP3 ¬†(but if it’s not, it’s ok – we’ll convert it for you)

Don’t know how to convert a file into MP3? No problem, we’ll help you! Email us: [email protected]

Clear as Mud? Here are the EVP categories that we need your help in collecting:

Sound Mixer With headphonesTraditional EVP : EVP recorded naturally, such as with a handheld recorder or mic, and a natural background source such as pure static, white noise, water, fan, etc. Typically, this should have no human voice in it other than the people asking questions and spirit answering. (Think Pre Р2005)

EVP РCrowd Babble or Allophones : EVP that was recorded using a background source that has chopped up fragments of human speech or others forms of synthesized speech. Examples include EVPMaker.

Sweep Tuning \ “Ghost Box”¬†: Voices that were recorded using a physical hardware (not software) GhostBox or Radio which sweeps through the radio frequencies. Examples are any physical piece of hardware – ie. Radio ShackHack, Frank’s Box, Joe’s Box, SB7, etc.

Software Apps¬†: Voices that were recorded¬†using desktop or mobile device software as the background source or interface. This includes all “GhostBox” types of software

D.R.V Direct Radio Voice : Voices that were recorded directly from a radio tuned to static or in between radio broadcast stations. These should not include any Ghostbox or sweep tuning files Рjust straight voices from spirit through the radio.

Telephone Calls or Recordings : Voices that were recorded during a telephone call or received on an answering machine or voicemail.

Spiricom Experiments : Voices that were recorded using any combination of tones, or combo of transmit/receive setup similar to the Spiricom setup. These files usually sound robotic.

Miscellaneous¬†Experiments¬†:¬†This one’s a wildcard! We know there are a lot of experiments out there which may not fall neatly into another category. Feel free to select this category, and explain in the details¬†what the experiment is.

Now that’s all cleared up, there’s just a few things left to cover so we can make this process as smooth as possible!

  • Please do not expect any feedback on your audio clips. It is going straight from you to the website. Take your time and choose your clips well.
  • Please select the examples that are¬†truly representative¬†of EVP – perhaps the best you have ever recorded, and would typically show to someone new to this field.
  • We will not accept any clips with foul language, slander, or any negative impressions whatsoever towards any individual.

Now that we’re done with all of the paperwork, process, and disclaimers…

Let’s Submit your EVP! Please click on the link below:

Share an EVP for the Worldwide EVP Exhibit

Files will appear¬†in the order that they are sent. In most cases, your file will be uploaded immediately and can then be found live on the EVP Exhibit page. If your file does not appear immediately, it means we’ll need to take a look at your submission.

This is a community effort, please share responsibly!

We thank you for your participation,
~ The iDigitalMedium team