SpiriTron by Ron Ruiz

SpiriTron LogoLadies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea…Welcome to SpiriTron. This is a Non-Radio effort that uses a crafted set of tones to produce a robotic style voice similar to Bill O’Neil’s Mark IV.

SpiriTron-RunningSpiriTron runs a single audio file on Martin Bellefeuille’s Free ExtremeSenses Infinity Box EXP software.

While my settings are designed for a mass audience, you can have a far more personalized experience, by running this experiment on your home PC.

See the instructions below for links and installation notes.

But for now, sit back and enjoy.

NO Radio, NO Human Voice, NO External Input are used in the production of this live stream.
A Sound Bank without human voice IS used for this stream.
All iDigitalMedium streams are certified 100% LIVE. Nothing is pre-recorded unless explicitly stated. If an audio file or sound source is used, the original will always be provided on that stream page.

We’re sorry – As of 12-29-18, this stream is NON-OPERATIONAL

Player not working? Try one of these other solutions:
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Winamp, iTunes Winamp Media Player
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As mentioned, the sound you hear online is set for a mass audience and may not be as responsive as it could be.

If you or your group want a more interactive personal experience, run the Infinity Box EXP software and the SpiriTron audio file on your home computer. (PC only).

The Infinity Box EXP software can be downloaded here:


Be sure to watch the overview video below the download link.  Also be aware of the minimum computer requirements.

At 5 min 30sec of the video, it covers how to load a file into the program.

Download the SpiriTron audio file by clicking:  Here

You will need to extract the zip folder to access the audio file. When that’s done, simply move the audio file into your computer’s Documents Library.

When you’re ready to begin, start the Infinity Box program and open your named Project.

Click on the little folder icon for one of the sound banks. Go to the Documents Library and select the SpiriTron-1 audio file.

The audio program will load into the Infinity Box program.

Here is a pic of the baseline settings for the audio file.

Once you get the baseline setting done…all you have to do is adjust the Pitch to suit your own hearing.

You’ll know you’re there when SpiriTron greets you by your first name.  😯

Responses are multi-lingual and may speak in languages you are familiar with.

When you are satisfied with everything, Save your project and the settings will be available the next time you start the Infinity Box program.

Feel free to play around with the settings.  If you find a setting that works for you and want to share it with the rest of the planet, let us know.

Much gratitude to Martin Bellefeuille for all the hard work that went into Infinity Box EXP…you’re my hero!! Check out his other fine products at:  extremesenses.com

Thanks for listening,

Disclaimer: The software and SpiriTron audio file should be used for entertainment only.