A.R.T. – The Altoids Radio Transceiver
by Russ and Bruce Moen
Since 6/3/2016



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Current Technical Status:
As of 6/11/16 9:30pm – stream has been taken offline due to too many issues with device.
As of 6/5/16 10:27amEST – nothing is plugged into device input.
As of 6/5/16 1:55amEST – the device has an input connected to it, a portable audio player which is playing the following audio file to the transceiver input:  Previous Files: First 16 tones Spiricom chart 
****PITCH of audio is subject to change at any time. If the stream sounds higher in pitch, raised, or “chipmunk-ey” that’s because I’ve shifted the frequency upwards intentionally – as part of the experiment. How the voices sound is determined by the environment – which are the experiment variables themselves.

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Stream Details

Altoid1smThis stream features a live electronics device built in a collaboration between Bruce Moen and his friend Russ. It fits inside an Altoids (breath mints) tin box and is very small. Engineered using some of the basic Spiricom principles, this is essentially a low-power electromagnetic radio transceiver.

The basic idea is to input an audio signal (such as Spiricom tones), and have the device transmit that signal and also receive it. Then, the original signal can be compared against the received signal and both signals could cancel each other out. If the signals are cross-cancelled out, then the only thing remaining could presumably be the influence of other sources, such as the voices of people in spirit.

Not only was the original device a collaboration, but so is the experiment! Bruce and Russ created it, and Keith is running it from his house, filtering the audio LIVE, and streaming it to the internet.

Check in from time to time and see how the experiment is going. After all, one of the largest factors of a successful experiment…is YOU!

During trial runs, mild results were obtained using an original audio source of: Spiricom Tones and Foreign Language Babble. Currently, this device is running with no audio input – so it is transmitting nothing and receiving nothing…..in all actuality. We are currently not using the “cross-cancelling” feature of the device. Experiment variables are subject to change at any time.

Want to hear what it should sound like when it is tuned and working well?
Click HERE for an 11 minute recording of this device on 6/5/16 as is, no interaction.
Click HERE for a 2 minute recording of me speaking to my team of people in spirit using this device.