Alex Bliss
Humanitarian and Inspirational Writer

My name is Alex Bliss, a 25 year old living in Nanyuki, Kenya. I am the youngest in a family of seven.

After graduating from Mount Kenya University as a Medical Laboratory Technologist in 2016, I proceeded to work at Nakuru Provincial General Hospital as a volunteer. While still at the hospital I developed an irresistible urge to instigate a programme that would be centered on personal empowerment. This grew out of my absorption with this kind of work as a sideline to my major career at the time. This career overlap was difficult to handle but it was  obvious to me that I needed to quickly align my own personal impulses with the big dream that was beckoning. I felt I had done enough in public health and needed to go a step beyond the hospital perimeter fence to ignite the spark of purpose and hope in the lives of people on both local and global scales.

In October, the Alex Bliss Personal Empowerment Program was born. Along the way I incorporated the Kibera slum Visionary School project which supports more than 80 children with education. During that time I met with Keith J. Clark, founder of the iDigitalMedium, a non-profit organization that focuses on education and preservation of information related to the paranormal sciences. I joined the iDigitalMedium team as a humanitarian and inspirational writer as well as a correspondent in Africa, sourcing for viable African stories and extending the plight of disadvantaged African people to the global audience.