Dan Smith
Writer, Historian

In this summer of 1995, Dan and his family experienced an intense series of unexplained events inside their suburban Detroit home.  Wanting to understand what was happening, he attended a local presentation by paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren in the fall of that year.

After meeting the Warrens, Dan was set on a lifelong path of paranormal and spiritual studies.  As Co-Director of H.O.P.E. Initiative, he runs a small research laboratory dedicated to spiritual studies with his wife in Cincinnati, Ohio. He strives to deliver a better understanding of afterlife research to the public.

Being deeply involved with the study of Electronic Voice Projections, he has developed several systems for spirit communication with others at his laboratory.  Dan also works as an advisor to researchers on how to properly conduct scientific studies.  In addition to inventing and testing new equipment, he is passionate about finding and preserving the history of afterlife research.

Dan lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife Becca, dog Tesla, and two cats Schroedinger and Heisenberg (better known as Brian).