Gloria Ormsby

Gloria Ormsby is the Director of Information Systems at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts.

She started working in the technology field on the day that Apple introduced the Macintosh. Gloria’s family owned a computer business and she mainly worked with schools to incorporate computers into the education process at a time when most teachers would rather have sent her home. During her time at the Flynn Center, she has led a team through a website redesign and redevelopment on four separate occasions. Managing SQL databases are also part of her repertoire.

In December of 2015, Gloria found herself in a downward spiral of depression. Having lost any hope of turning her life around, she started researching what happens when you die. From that moment Gloria followed the breadcrumbs to develop a spiritual lifestyle. The first real change happened when she started meditating on a daily basis. In addition, Gloria enjoys journaling and is now able to receive and marvel at automatic writings from her guides and spirit team. There are several authors and spiritual leaders that Gloria follows whether it be by reading books, listening to PodCasts, or attending webinars. She is especially interested in listening to inspirational channels.
When she’s not buried in a book or stuck to the computer, Gloria enjoys her companions – a dog named Chance and and a cat named Sammy. Depending on the time of year, her home in northern Vermont is either surrounded by several beautiful garden beds or four feet of snow. Gloria hopes to play a part in helping others to awaken by shining light on dark situations and sending high vibrations to those who suffer.