During her time on the iDigitalMedium team, Gretchen served in practically every role the team had to offer. Her abundant energy was an integral part of the beginning of the iDigitalMedium team and various associated efforts, including the Gambia project (humanitarian).

We thank her for her selfless service to the community of life after death.

Gretchen can be contacted via her website http://gretchenbickert.com

Gretchen Bickert, CYT
Alumni – Honorary Mention
Admin, Newsletter, Humanitarian Efforts, Various

Gretchen is perhaps most known publicly for her interaction and contribution in the areas of animal welfare and sound healing. In addition she expresses her spiritual side via creative forms of meditation, and also as a Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher.

As a Musical Instrumental Artist (Master of Gong), she leads sound healing meditations through the use of gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls, and any other object she can get her hands on. Often she will schedule her sound meditation and healing events to coincide with planetary conditions such as the New Moon and Full Moon. Gretchen also incorporates her mastery techniques of the bowls and gong to help heal the animal kingdom.

Gretchen’s teachings focus on the areas of sound, healing, and vibration – with the ultimate motive leading to the past remembrance of one’s self – that everyone is a being of light, everyone is spirit. She feels that this remembrance of universal truths of our existence will enable an individual to develop their own gifts and enhance their own creative potential. Gretchen can be found at the Unity of Mesa Gong Meditation (First Wednesday of every month) as well as occasional appearances at Gilbert Yoga, Southwest Herb Shop and The Himalayas Salt Lamp Shop and the Mesa Urban Garden.  She loves to play locally and support her community.  Recently she was fortunate to be able to play a third time with Don Conreaux and his Mysterious Tremendom Ensemble.

Gretchen with ErnieWith a deep understanding of animals, she expresses a great love and compassion for them. When her beloved family member, Ernie a mixed breed, was diagnosed with lymphoma in October 2012, Gretchen began sharing their story with others on a Facebook page called “Ernie Noodle.” This page began to chronicle the challenges and emotions experienced as Ernie’s sickness progressed. After Ernie transitioned in May of 2013, Gretchen began to write messages from Ernie, and inadvertently began to further develop and explore a form of automatic writing. This page has served as a source of inspiration for many who understand and love our animal friends.

Professionally, Gretchen has worked at a number of different zoos over 22 years including the Potter Park Zoo, the Columbus Zoo and the Phoenix Zoo. Gretchen is currently a steering committee member of the IDMAG (Institutional Data Management Group), and Government Ownership Sub Committee. She assisted with the development of the Standards for Data Entry and Maintenance of NA Zoo and Aquarium Databases as Fish and Invertebrate Taxonomic team leader. For the past 12 years, she has been responsible for coordinating the acquisition and disposition of animals including overseeing their transportation. Her shipping experience includes domestic and international shipments for numerous species utilizing both land and air. Gretchen believes her success with shipping lies in the positive relationships developed with wildlife agents and shipping service providers, and takes a special interest in the refinement of operating procedures in regards to animal shipments worldwide.

Her Associations include:

ARMA (Information Governance)
IDMAG (Institutional Data Management Group)
Government Ownership Sub Committee
Zoological Registrars Association, Committee Member
Captive Elasmobranch Census Committee
Zoo Best Practices Working Group
Animal transportation and Security for Zoos

3HO International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association

Yoga Teacher Training Team Member for Gilbert Yoga
Unity of Mesa
SW Herb

On the personal side, Gretchen likes to explore the mysteries of ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Atlantis, as well as all things sound and vibration related, believing that there are answers that will unlock many doors.

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