Karyn Jarvie

My life is basically divided by before Emma and after Emma.  Emma is my forever 15 year-old-daughter who transitioned on February 29, 2012 due to leukemia.  Although she had undergone two cord blood stem cell transplants no one expected Emma not to make it.  It was a shock to everyone including her medical team when she died exactly one year from the day we discovered cancer in her body.   She and I had literally hours notice that she was failing.  Her passing was on her terms in my arms outside in the sun.  Suffice to say I was shattered.

Before Emma I worked as a social worker having a BSW from James Cook University and went on to study for a Bachelor of Business, Post Grad Certificate in Clinical Rehabilitation. Apart from helping people as a social worker, one of the most fulfilling one of the best positions I ever had was to build a national support organisation for heart patients and train volunteers. Later on I started work on a Masters of Education although II already had qualifications to teach.

The happiest time of my life was with Emma.  We squeezed everything we could into life.  We travelled as much as possible including including the majority of Australia (including Norfolk Island) and India..  I was not interested at all in religion but thought it my duty as a mother to expose my child to as many varieties of religious thought as possible.  I sent her to private religious schools of all denominations.  She loved change and thrived on it. Little did I know that Emma, so brilliant and outgoing, was also deeply spiritual and it saddens me that I did not follow through on things she was saying.  One of the comments Emma made to me as a little girl was, “Guess what, Mum? You are my seventh mum but you are the best.” The year before she passed, she said, “Mum, I am here to give you the love that others should have” and I said, “No darling, you are here to be the best person you can possibly be.”  Emma and I made a pact that if there was a way to communicate in the afterlife, she would find it.  I think she has communicated but my grief has blocked so much.  I desire to be able to speak with her more than anything. My current interest in the afterlife and communicating with my daughter are what keeps me going and I have finally learned the difference between religion and spirituality.

Since Emma’s passing, I have gained qualifications in Past Life Regression as a facilitator, and my social work qualifications could take that further as a therapist. I do not do regressions often but when I do, people benefit immensely from it.  I have also done Hypnotherapy and have a Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy. I am teaching myself through AREI how to do EVP’s.  I have also just attained my Reiki Master level.  I even went to Thailand on a volunteer trip to a Gibbon sanctuary which was one of the things that Emma and I had talked of doing.  We were going to spend her Gap year travelling the world together going from volunteer project to volunteer project.

Besides EVP, my interests include photography, (especially orbs and spirit photos), travel, reading, and animals.