Keith J. Clark
Founder,  Admin, Team Leader

Keith is the creator of ITCBridge and iDigitalMedium websites, devoted to furthering knowledge of life after death and communication with spirit.

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In the summer of 2005 one of his friends told him that the movie White Noise was based on real events. Curious by nature, he found himself downloading a copy of Sarah Estep’s book, Voices of Eternity, which he didn’t read completely until November. That fall he experienced events that helped him overcome his addiction to substance abuse. After reading the book he immediately set out to record for EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). His first recording had a very faint evp. Very soon all of his energy became channeled towards the study of life after death.  As time progressed, multiple corroborative readings from separate mediums and psychics led him on his path.

With a particular love for ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) and physical mediumship, he began to work with spirit and network with other people in the world. His other personal interests include singing, motorcycles, and being creative with computers and technology.

By day he is an Information Technology professional supporting one of the largest corporate law firms in the world.
On nights and weekends he tends to his ongoing personal development of Direct Radio Voice, as well as the efforts of iDigitalMedium.

On the personal side he was born, adopted, and raised in Florida, served in the US Army Intelligence as a Morse Code Interceptor, and studied Chinese Mandarin at the Defense Language Institute of Monterey, CA. He has lived in Florida, Hawaii, and California.

Keith lives in Clearwater, Florida.