Matt joined the iDigitalMedium Team in January 2016 and helped get the Worldwide EVP Exhibit off the ground. The Exhibit remains to this day.

We thank Matt for his continuing creativity and technical skills relative to the field of ITC.

Matt Payne
EVP Exhibit Curator

M Payne

My interest peaked in life after death research around 2006 after our first EVP capture while onsite at an event. Although I continued my journey as a skeptic, my partner Shelley and I built a team of investigators & researchers that go by the name of Paranormal Shadow Investigations & Research UK.

Around 2010 radio sweep ITC was becoming mainstream, people were hacking Radio Shack models with ease. However, since I live in the UK I was finding hackable models hard to find and the shipping cost was not an option, so I started to build & hack my own radios & still do to this day. Part of this comes from my determination to research how valid radio sweep is for communication

During this time I started to experiment with background EVP sounds such as static noise/water & rainfall in hope to find audio to help provide energy for EVP. I began developing some basic single file windows apps. These apps provided users with sounds which they could use to record and then compare against their own recordings –  looking for audio manipulation. More recently I have worked on apps with help from eXtremesenses & Appydroid.

My view has changed on my journey while still skeptical of some methods & devices I am more open minded to life after death. There is only so much you can explain away as audio contamination with valid replies becoming more frequent in our research – but still so much is unanswered. I believe collaboration between researchers is the key to finding methods, techniques, and communication tools that can help provide evidence that cannot be questioned .

Matt lives in Kent UK