Ron Ruiz, AES
Co-Founder,  Admin, Historian

Ron is an audio guy and retired Facilities Manager whose main area of research is the forensic analysis of Electronic Voice Phenomena. As a skeptic, he entered the field on a bet with his next-door neighbor who challenged Ron to disprove the claim that EVP’s are genuine.

After a few “holy crap” moments of hearing intelligent responses to specific questions while conducting recording experiments in a Faraday Cage, Ron conceded and gladly paid his neighbor the $20 bet.

The resulting years since then, Ron has used his formal education in Computer Electronics from the former State Technical Institute at Memphis, TN along with his working knowledge of sound to further his understanding of Psychoacoustics; which is the study of sound perception and its effects on the human body.

Believing that you can’t know where you are going until you know where you’ve been, Ron also has a parallel interest in Archaeoacoustics; which studies the acoustical properties of ancient structures.

Ron’s professional memberships and associations include:

Audio Engineers Society
Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers

His personal memberships and associations include:

Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies
Institute of Noetic Sciences
The Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential

Together with Keith J Clark, Ron works to push the limits of Real-Time, Two-Way Trans-Dimensional Communication through the use of ITC devices.

On The personal side, Ron is of Native American descent (Quechan) and a Vietnam Era Veteran who served in a US Navy Anti-Submarine Warfare squadron.

Being a proud grandfather of triplets, he embraces the old adage of spoiling your grandkids and then sending them home to their parents.

In his spare time, Ron works on his wife’s Honey-Do list and searches audio archives for unsolicited EVP’s.