Shari became a team member in 2016. Her tact and enthusiasm quickly set her apart and she served as a team admin as well as her involvement in the team’s developmental circle.

We thank her for her ongoing support, dedication, and her continuing pursuit of knowledge.

Admin, Editor, Development Circle Facilitator

ShariThe journey to where I am today started early in my life when I first experienced the sounds of whispering while alone in my room.   This progressed to a visual occurrence at the age of ten when I saw a misty shaped apparition floating through my home…which I freely admit scared me a great deal.  What began as fear, eventually became a curiosity and ultimately turned into a passion.   During the following decades I absorbed, with discernment, all that I could on spirituality, the afterlife, paranormal investigations and mediumship.  I took it all in from many different angles through books, listening to other people’s personal experiences and Internet research.

When I lost my son over 4 years ago my previous studies prepared me for what was to become my mission – to reconnect with my son by whatever means possible.  While I have had success contacting my son through mediums, what warms my heart is the personal connection I have made through my own Instrumental Trans Communications (ITC) research.  My experimentation has run the gamut from acquired applications and hardware (both audio and video) to crystals and meditation.  The scope of tools I choose to use is broad and diverse.  However, my particular skill set is concentrated around digital media because I can document and share experiences with other likeminded people.  A few of my EVP captures can be found on YouTube under Hiking Soul EVP or on my website at:

I now find myself part of a community of people who want to advance communications with spirit and I am happy to be a part of this collaboration.  It is my hope that I can help the grieving realize that different forms of communication with departed loved ones can be a realistic objective.