Suzanne Carter
Director of Administration

After eighteen years working as an IT director/project manager for state government, I took early retirement two years ago so that I could travel and explore some interests that I wished to pursue upon returning to the United States. Somehow I always knew that the main interests I wished to explore would involve spiritual development and Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC). So it was with great pleasure that I discovered and joined the iDigitalMedium team who share these interests with an emphasis on objective evidence for the afterlife.

My first verifiable paranormal experience occurred in October 2004 during an amazing thunderstorm that knocked out the satellite feed for our television. After the incredible lightning display died down, and somewhat bored, I pulled out my new cell phone and started looking around the room through the camera viewer.  I was absolutely stunned to clearly see four male faces on a TV screen that had been turned off for twenty minutes.  I yelled to my husband in the next room to come quickly with his own camera.  He also saw the faces quite clearly through the camera lens, four young men with old fashioned haircuts and mustaches as if posing for daguerreotypes.  The faces lasted for at least five minutes before fading. We got some photos on our (admittedly primitive) cameras. His photos and my photos matched but looked somewhat smeared from the way they appeared in real time.

Two months later, we had a similar incident in which a mysterious hand appeared on a different TV in our house.  The fingers of the hand were spread out over what appeared to be shattered glass. The television was on but there was no input (game, broadcast, satellite, video, dvd).  The image only disappeared after we unplugged the TV.  We found out next day that the image had appeared at the exact hour of the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami that devastated parts of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

It occurred to us that, if these kinds of phenomena could occur spontaneously and unsought on random electronic equipment, how likely would they be to occur if sought out by knowledgeable mediums and technical people who knew what to look for and how to preserve and share the evidence? We have been ITC explorers ever since.

I am delighted to be associated with a group of serious-minded researchers who share and preserve the work of colleagues and contacts around the world.  If we all collaborate as iDigitalMedium does, in a mindful and respectful way, we may just see the evidence snowball to the extent that the next generation will take the afterlife as fact. Perhaps they will communicate with loved ones and researchers in other dimensions much as we communicate with each other here on earth using cutting edge technology. Still, I certainly agree with the iDigitalMedium team that spiritual development and group rapport are as important as knowledge and technology. I am looking forward to contributing to the iDigitalMedium mission, sharing the workload, and building a remarkable team!