Volunteer with the iDigitalMedium Team!

Volunteers needed hand gesture on blue bokehHere at iDigitalMedium we work as a united team, and feel that much more can be accomplished by a group than an individual. Our efforts so far have shown this to be true. What can be accomplished if everyone contributes a small piece?

Have you read the book Miracles in the Storm by Mark Macy and heard a lot of talk about the need for resonance among people in the community? We believe that by serving others and uniting in a common cause we can help set the stage for continuing advancements in communication with spirit, and general spiritual development. When we join together we are not only saying "We stand united" to the world, we are also saying "People in spirit, we are joining together. We are ready. Take it away!"

Would you like to help spread the word to the community about life after death, paranormal, spirituality, ITC, mediumship, experiments, and other related areas? Ask us about one of our volunteer opportunities today. Generally the volunteer time is 1-3 hours a week.

Current Volunteer Opportunities 11-9-16:
(Training can be provided for any of the items requiring technical knowledge.)

  • Global Liaison: If you are bilingual in English and another language, are involved in ITC, and perhaps might live in another country (not required) - we could use your help in bringing the world together! We would like to cross all the barriers of language and location. We need team members to help bridge that gap with email, news, and social media. In order to share what is happening around the world on a global scale, we need your help.
    Languages in need include: Portuguese, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Dutch and more!

  • Translators: We need translators to translate items from other languages into English so we can re-publish them in the English speaking world. Translators with Editor(s).

  • Media Agent: Search for and secure agreements with musicians and other artists to use their material in live public online streamed events. Coordinate this special permission as well as transfer of the recorded material to event technician to meet deadlines prior to an event. Maintain a good relationship with artists. Use an existing permission letter template.

  • Forum Moderators: (Structure not yet fully implemented) Self-explanatory, need people who are extremely tactful, courteous, knowledgeable in ITC and spirit communication, team players.

  • YouTube Playlist Curator: Arrange team and public videos in playlists (Related to ITC, Physical Mediumship, Life After Death), respond to video comments or notify team members, create new categorized playlists of YouTube videos that the public would find helpful. Sort playlists by language, content, etc.

  • Writers: Write articles and stories that are in resonance with our team mission and would benefit the community. A variety of topics are welcome anytime!

  • News Gatherers: Is there something that you feel should be shared more? Tell us about it! Maybe you've found an article that everyone should know about, or an obscure video just crying to be seen. All it takes is a quick minute to let us know.

  • Preservation: (Future) We need people dedicated to preservation. This will be for intellectual property such as websites as well as historical artifacts of people who have already transitioned as well as agreements with those who are still with us. This is a long term project and evolution. The purpose is to ensure that their work lives on so that the next generation of people can see the history of ITC, physical mediumship, and communication with spirit.

If you think volunteering sounds pretty neat - but don't know where you would fit in, don't think you have enough time, and not sure if you have the knowledge? Perfect! You sound just like the rest of us! Contact us and we'll see where you might fit in while making the most efficient use of your time!

Of course, the greatest gift of all is hope and inspiration! If you have an idea that you would like to contribute that you think would help the community or our team, let us know! We can't think of everything, and we sure love new ideas 🙂

Questions? Email [email protected] 

***Volunteers are expected to be team players and work well with others. Some roles may require filling another role for a period of time as a prerequisite.