Project St. Peter: Lab 1 Part 1

Project St. Peter

INTRODUCTION: In 1986 The “Metascience Foundation INC” was building a “Celestial Broadcast System” – an advanced system of communications between people in non-physical form (“Spirit Team”) and researchers on Earth. The goal was to assist mankind’s search for advice on how to solve the earth’s problems, evolve, and end war. The system was comprised of two pieces of equipment – “Angel I” and “Michael I”. A telepathic trance medium channeled instructions from the Science team in “Heaven” to the research team on “Earth” and told them how to build the device. They also presented many scientific and universal concepts in lecture format, given mostly by Dr. Albert Einstein.

This research project was code-named: “Project St. Peter.”

The “Spirit Team” included “53 illumined brothers and sisters of Celestial Universal stature” referred to as: “LIFELINE” or “Alpha Celestial Unit One”. These “Spirit People” include many famous and well-known luminaries and personalities from around the world.

After several years of work there began to be difficulty. Money was drying up. Researchers around the world were having difficulties with their communications, the cause was thought to be negative influences. According to George Meek, (founder of Metascience Foundation) at some point the medium “became corrupt” and left the project shortly before it ran out of funds. At some point all material related to this project may have been destroyed.

Only one physical copy of this project is known to exist.
This material was never published and is still being scanned into digital format today.

It is brought to you by Metascience Foundation and iDigitalMedium.
We hope you enjoy!


Editor’s Note: The following material has been preserved as much as possible. Original documents were scanned, and only minor typographical errors have been improved upon. Grammar has been left intact. The material contained within this manuscript is only a partial segment of this body of work, and was compiled by George Meek and the METASCIENCE FOUNDATION, INC. 

Special thanks to volunteers who assisted with this project.



Lab 1 Part 1







Lab Class #1…… 5 February 1986 AD
(Transcribed by: Molly)

—LLPC and the Science 7 team presentation of Project Saint Peter, i.e., Alpha Earth Unit One and Scientific equipments.

Lab Class #2…… 7 February 1986 AD
(Transcribed by: Lori)

—LLPC and the Science 7 team presentation of the Paradise-

recommended physical placement of the equipments in the

Lab and the identification of Michael I and Angel I equipments.

Lab Class #3…… 20 February 1986 AD
(Transcribed by: Ronda)

—A Science 7 team presentation of the Sounds of Heaven and detailed explanation of the FM Tuner; fixed frequencies (frequencies of sound and light); voltage; amps; decibel harmony and; specific mention of Theodore Rudolph.

Lab Class #4…… 11 March 1986 AD
(Transcribed by: Lori)

—A Science 7 team technical “reference sheet” re: The Thermo-Dynamic Principles of Energy regarding time.

—In the second part of this communication an LLPC presentation offered by Dr. Einstein regarding the pertinency and importance of Alpha Earth Unit One and its Paradise assigned functions as a mortal body or group of persons entrusted with the holy responsibility of disbursing specific advanced knowledges to be sent through Angel I and Michael I……. and to make available to all Nations of Earth their God-Given

right to present their own problems…….seek high order guidances and move themselves toward Peace.




1986 – 1987

(CLASS #1 THRU #11)


President John F. Kennedy offers the basic understanding of an Alpha Earth Unit One to support a Science Project known as Project Saint Peter. Albert Einstein, Ph.D offers a basic working understanding of Metascience and its 15 years of Scientific research of an Advanced System of Communications. First direct voice from Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt on VCR.


Lifeline Speakers:

President John F. Kennedy Albert Einstein, Ph.D Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt


… Petra Damascus. Should you personally as an individual or by way of representation of your particular corporation or company or in enlightened association with the foundation of your choosing who desires international peace, who desires to assist in a direct manner, all actions for peace, then I, Petra Damascus, will lovingly open my home and my life to you.

For the past two years I have been a research associate with the METAscience Foundation. This video communication is taking place in one of the buildings of the METAscience Foundation. If you would be so kind now please, please pan the room, sir, and let our invited guests see who else is in attendance here.


Sitting on the couch is a telepathic channel and in protection of her own personal identity the well-developed telepathic channel’s name, first name is Margaret. Seated next to Margaret on her right is Mr. George W. Meek, the founder of the METAscience Foundation. Adjoining him on his right, his loving wife of 51 years, Mrs. Jeannette Duncan Meek. Seated next to Mrs. Meek is Mrs. Ronda Barone, my personal secretary and her faithful and loving husband, Joseph Barone. Both Mr. and Mrs. Barone are employees and associates of the METAscience Foundation. And last but not least, one kind soul named Andris, who of his own accord, may choose as well as his wife Margaret, to share with any one of you any measure of their personal or public life [lives].

Upon receipt of this video communications film, you shall be asked to follow instructions most carefully and before moving one step forward to the actual delivery of the telepathic communication, I have been asked by my spiritual advisors to make this public announcement and address each of you with a full understanding that this is to be considered sensitive and classified material. No, you are not required to have a government classification. You are asked in good conscious to simply keep your conversation to a minimal and to discuss whatever is of importance which you shall witness tonight.


This is the first of a series of communications predicated directly on your classification, that is, your spiritual, mental and emotional level to be part of this blessed service, this research activity, knitting and weaving both science, theology, master-physics and medicine together. You shall all be asked to offer a part of your lives to whatever degree you so desire to do so.

In order to have a better understanding of just who is involved in this activity at the present time, I have been asked to read off a list of names, the 21 persons who have been called to direct service to whatever degree they so choose to offer with this work. During the course of the delivery of the telepathic communication from our beloved and honorable 35th President of the United States, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, he shall of his own accord, fill you in on all details.

Along with the 21-name list there is also a name, a corporation most known to all of you. Others just please listen to their names. You shall be provided with an envelope of materials, not only from the METAscience Foundation but from those enlightened foundations such as

_____________ , the Astral Foundation and others who may desire to join this first Alpha Earth Unit One.

I should like to rise now and dignify each of you by addressing you in alphabetical order on the 21-name list. Babcock, Erland; Bandy, II, John; Barone, Joseph; Barone, Ronda; Damascus, Petra; Darr, Victor; DeBord, Nancy; Fink, Robert; Heckmann, Hans; Impey, Charles Everette; Jeffries, Dr. Robert; Meek, Jeannette Duncan; Meek, George William; Philo, Molly; Price, Mrs. Janna; Price, Mr. John; Pride, Mr. Andris; Priede, Schroeder, Margaret; Senkowski, Dr. Ernst; Stauffer, James; Thompson, Howard; and the main list of the corporations who are being called by President Kennedy to come forward and offer their assistance and of course, every person on the 21-name list as well as these corporations and foundations and organizations may come forward and offer whatever commitment you like and whensoever you feel totally in alignment with this action.


Beginning with a certain nucleus of workers, METAscience. Directly in collaboration with METAscience you, the members of the Fetzer Foundation; directly working with METAscience and the Fetzer Foundation you, the members of A.R.E., the Association for Research and Enlightenment, for those of you unfamiliar with A.R.E. the living foundation for the Edgar Cayce works, METAscience, Fetzer Foundation, A.R.E. and now the inclusion of the Astral Foundation headed by Mr. John Bandy. METAscience, the Fetzer Foundation, A.R.E. the Astral Foundation and the Quartus Foundation headed and founded by Mr. and Mrs. John Price in Texas. METAscience, the Fetzer Foundation, A.R.E.,

the Astral Foundation, the Quartus Foundation and _____  headed
by Mrs. Margaret Priede.

METAscience, the Fetzer Foundation, A.R.E., the Astral Foundation, the

Quartus Foundation, _________  and as yet an uninformed committee named Action for Peace. METAscience, the Fetzer Foundation, A.R.E., the

Astral Foundation, Quartus Foundation, __________ , Actions for Peace,
the United States Government, Department of Interior. METAscience Foundation, the Fetzer Foundation, A.R.E., Astral Foundation, Quartus Foundation, ________, Actions for Peace, United States Government, IBM.

The METAscience Foundation, the Fetzer Foundation, A.R.E., Astral

Foundation, Quartus Foundation, ___________ , Actions for Peace, the United States Government, Department of the Interior, IBM and lastly and most beautifully the pharmaceutical company Lilly and Squibb.

At this point I shall now return to a natural state of transcending my consciousness.


I am 42 years old. I am an American citizen. I have lived in the United States all my life. I began my telepathic channeling at the age of 5. My chosen career in life was in medicine. I practiced that skill, that profession, under a state license offered me by the state


of Wisconsin. During that 13 years of my nursing career in a bedside practical manner, I worked in a number of critical care areas such as intensive care, coronary care, locked psychiatric units, medical units, post-op surgical units, obstetrics, gynecology and emergency room and lastly four years I served at St. Mary’s hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the burn unit.

My life during those days was blessed by the gift of clairaudience and clairvoyance. On numerous occasions I was placed in a physical position in whatever hospital or medical unit facility I was working in and was used as an instrument. There was no show and tell about it. There was no glamourization to it.

The vitality of life, the quality of life was all that was important. The patient’s welfare was important and God knows, anyone who has ever worked as a nurse, as a doctor or in a medical facility, there really isn’t time for any self-pedestaling. It was a joy that the clairvoyance and the clairaudience guidances moved me quickly into positions where I was able to alert my head nurse or supervisors or the doctors in attendance and lives were saved.

There is no validated documentation or record of that. There is not proof of that. I simply offer it to you as I have no reason to lie to you, any one of you.

Therefore during the days of the clairaudience accompaniment which began when I was a little girl, my first live experience was when I was seated on a little concrete stoop in front of my parents’ house, I saw an angel, an apparition. I was not inside the house, I was outside the house. I was very upset. My grandmother had died just a few days before and I wondered and I wondered why she had left me.

The angel came forward, the apparition was quite large, perhaps by perspective today, the angel was 7 feet tall. It was quite translucent and had neither male nor female expression. The angel simply looked on me and asked me, “Child, what is the meaning, what is the purpose of life as you live it today?”


And I looked at the angel and felt no harm. I looked at the angel and I felt no hurt. I looked at the angel and I knew what I was looking at.

I felt the comfort in my soul. I did not know how it would all come together in my life.

Upon the day of my arrival here at the METAscience Foundation, I had reached a point in my inner understanding that no more would I attempt to try and block or suppress all clairaudience and all clairvoyance that had come with regularity for 30 some years in my life.

After an hour and a half of an open, soul-searching offering of my personal life, all that had taken place in it, Mr. and Mrs. George Meek sat quietly and listened. And never was I so touched by the humility of any two people.

I should like now to close my mouth and in a holy manner invite on behalf of all of us, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Dr. Albert Einstein so that they may speak which no doubt each of you would be much more interested in listening to than myself.

I am a part-trance channel, therefore at any time I do retain my consciousness. However, I am also a developed and trained channel like many channels. I am able quite easily to be moved up to move my hands or to open or close my eyes. For my comfort I am not yet adjusted to the strength of the lighting be it here or anywhere else and therefore I have been compassionately guided by my spiritual advisors to simply wear a pair of regular sunglasses which I will do momentarily. May we have the glasses please?

Our Father, Who art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who


trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

Good evening, my fellow Americans, I, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, humbly step forward utilizing the availability the sweet surrender of the light of the soul of our dear channel, Petra Damascus.

It is I, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who has invited all of you to witness this Holy Message. We are not blind in Paradise nor are we deaf. Nor are we deafened by any political or military action.

Upon my sudden demise from Earth, there was a sequential series of blessed steps that arrived my soul which had literally separated from my physical human form. And ever so graciously my soul was escorted to Paradise. I shall in the adjoining cubicle of this dwelling go into great length with regard to the knitting, the weaving of science, astro-physics, astronomy and metaphysics and the manner in which, in a unified and intelligent approach, you, the members of the IBM Corporation in direct collaboration with our Earthside liaison, Mr. George William Meek, may find a common line. It is called Actions for Peace.

No sainted soul of Paradise, my fellow American, was offered permission to bypass the viewing of the rupturing of the Challenger, NASA space vehicle. We are offered no favoritism when one reaches a level of spiritual pure consciousness wherein it is claimed by the persons of Earth that we rest in peace. No, we are not disturbed spirits, Mr. Heckmann. It is the voice of eternal light that has lifted us each to come forward and pledge to the Almighty. Father Creator our eternal love encompassing our immortal life. Did you recognize in my last mortal lifetime journey as lived out in less than half a century upon the face of the Earth just what it was that I, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, had attempted to offer to the God of my understanding to you, my fellow Americans, and to you, my former White House aides? Did I throw with challenge on the tables of international negotiations any treaty, any document, any truth?


Was it given to my hours in that Holy office provided to the United States of America by the direct and Divine Intervention of the Creator Who moves all life upon the face of the Earth and send to Earth in a direct manner the Constitution of the United States of America?

Have you resolved, my fellow Americans, the answer for peace? If so, please come forward and I, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, shall fly you this night to Paradise with me. Has any one of you resolved the firm imbalanced and harmonious resolutions to denying violent actions and the political inertias that bring about unrest worldwide, and often from it whole sections of society into military camps of depression, refugee status and the precursors of oppressive tyrrany political domain?

Is there one of you, perhaps it is you from the Fetzer Foundation, who would be able to forward a personal, note to I, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and I pledge to you I shall drop on my knees and my etheric form shall undulate and in wave-like radiant manner, I shall personally cross the Holy winds, the science description of the ethers and I, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, shall cross the ethers of time with my etheric form in humility as I take your resolutions to no more terrorism on the face of the Earth.

Ah, but perhaps, perhaps it is you, the Astral Foundation, perhaps it is you, Mr. John Bandy, II, who has found the answer, the curatives, the medical data, the DNA structure, the manner in which to bestow upon your fellow man the eradication of sickle cell anemia. Just one, just one.

Are you now perhaps ready, Lilly Squibb, A.R.E., Quartus, Fetzer

Foundation, METAscience, _______ , are you all willing now to at least listen for an hour or so of your time?

I, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, am enjoined, in-gathered in a Holy chamber in Paradise. Within the containment Divine radiant energies of that Holy chamber there is seated with me 53 more. Each


of us came to Earth from the 1st century A.D. and we laid before Mankind one by one our individual gifts as global communicators. Each of us was advantage[d] with the Celestial Blessings of divinely following the order of all that is Holy and in that manner arrived at a reasonable management of our intellect and preferred the domestication of our emotional.

We represent these 10 areas, direct lines of communication to each of your interdepartmental groups, compartments, departments and agencies. We represent the Fine Arts and our team chairman is Michelangiolo di Buonarotti Simoni.

On behalf of Government Affairs of which I, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, am a vested member, our team chairman, our illumined colleague President Theodore Roosevelt.

Our Law Enforcement Team is headed by my mortal lifetime brother, Bobby, Robert Francis Kennedy, past U.S. Attorney General, past United States Senator.

Our Medical Team is officiated over by Rudolf Steiner, the man who almost claimed for all of humanity the giant steps, the giant steps toward a holistic approach of addressing not only the internal vital organs and their functions, but also the external invisible understanding and comprehension that medicine is in need of learning to speak to not only the arm or the tennis elbow affected, but also the auric veil of the soul hovering around the human body. He was almost driven off by his own colleagues.

Our next line of direct contact with Earth is our native American Tribal Counselors headed by Chief Joseph. Those of you among the military, perhaps you do remember in your history books, military science course 1A1, Chief Joseph was a great strategist. Whatever mortal skill was expressed on Earth during our mortal lifetimes is not only lifted and expanded, the vibrancy of our souls is delivered to each of you in breadths and widths as broad and as harmoniously ________ as the God-created rainbow that continues to assist Man’s


mortal eyes in remembering Man does not hold in his eyes all resolutions, mathematical equations and journalistic approaches to presenting not even a common organ transplant occurring with regularity among all nations of Earth.

Our next intergroup is our Military Team headed by General George S. Patton. Our Science Team chairman is Dr. Albert Einstein. He is accompanied by Madame Curie and her loving husband, Pierre. Oh, yes,

were you husband and wife on Earth, you may assuredly be ______________  in Paradise. That is a personal selection between you as individuals and you as a couple and the God of your understanding Who stood with you during your marriage vows. In addition to Dr. Albert Einstein, Madame and Pierre Curie, our Science 7 teammates are administered over by Joseph Henry, the founding father of the Smithsonian Institute. Seated next to Joseph Henry, my fellow Americans, is the illumined soul, Dr. Albert Schweitzer.

But why, President Kennedy, would a humanitarian be on a Science 7 team? Excellent question, Mr. Johnson, excellent question. Dr. Albert Schweitzer knew more of science and the advanced techniques of sound and harmony, beauty and balance thereof, than most chemical factories who are still attempting to find the proper containment

vehicle for the disposal of atomic waste ____________ . That is why

by team selection Dr. Albert Schweitzer is on our Science 7 team.

Orville and Wilbur Wright, they were the first to give to Earth a direct gift of intervention and the flight of the Kitty Hawk has led Man through how many decades in how very short of a time to launching an interstellar vehicle, an outer space traveller, an elongated capsule? I, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, should like to welcome any crew, any crew from the United States of America who was able to move through the columns of energy separating the tinsel-strength energy wave band border of the last physical plane of life and the Celestial Corridor through which man must pass in order to reach the advanced civilizations.


Here at the METAscience Foundation, my fellow Americans, I, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, have been in direct communication with Mr. George Meek as well as a number of other Earth persons. The time frame is roughly 17 months and on this night in this manner, you are humbly invited to join with me, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and these good American citizens and come forward and review a simulated laboratory setting which includes environmental instructions with reference to the particular sciences that shall be utilized to simply design, complete the design of a highly-sophisticated electronic crystalline instrument designed by Man in collaboration with the high order intelligence of Paradise.

And the purpose, Mr. President, for such an instrument? Yes, Mr. Bandy, the purpose of course. The purpose is very clear, ladies and gentlemen, the purpose is a[n] instrument of electronic communication so far in its technical advancement that it could well assist the swing, all time swings that science has found, discovered and noted. And by monitoring and observing the electronic conduct of this instrument to which you shall be moved momentarily in a third-party manner by a camera lens, you shall be able to see for yourselves what such an advanced technology would look like to the mortal eye.

Ah, but that is the Divine, Mr. President. That is not the purpose. It is both for its design must be totally in keeping and parallel to its purpose. It has been coded with a Paradise name. Its name is

Angel One. The project ____________ , however, is named Project St. Peter. And we, the members of Alpha Celestial Unit One, that is, I, President John F. Kennedy and 53 illumined brothers and sisters of Celestial Universal stature has so named ourselves LIFELINE as well as Alpha Celestial Unit One have taken up where Mr. Meek of the METAscience Foundation left off after 15 years of collaborative research with the high order intelligence of two very good predecessors to our membership.

Our Science 7 team is now simply prepared, given Divine Paradise permission to commence and complete this Divine instrument that shall challenge science, shall have the crystalline quartz electronic


capacity to translate time and thus a Corridor shall be opened by the utilization of every science law known to Man and the enfoldment of every law known to the Universal Paradise civilization. And through that Corridor of Light and Sound in a visual, you, the members of the IBM Corporation, A.R.E., Quartus, METAscience, Fetzer, Lilly and

Squibb, __________  and down the list, each of you shall be offered an opportunity to submit your own questions though there shall be only one day out of seven where individuals may ask questions. As you see, there has already been prepared a refined course of knowledges to be sent to Earth to help you and your fellow Americans, to help all countries of the world.

During the course of communication, I shall continue to delineate clearly just what knowledges shall be sent, the manner in which that shall occur and your direct contribution in helping not only to develop Angel One but also to be an active participant. Whatever hours of the week you may care to offer and in a hands-on manner be a direct part of receiving high order intelligent knowledges during the Divine ________.

Shall we then by this Holy action place into retirement all mediums and telepathic channels upon the face of the Holy Earth? Do you truly feel corporate channel of the Fetzer Foundation that Man should desire to listen to high order intelligence knowledges even though they be sent in crystal clear English and be seen on a computer graphics model, do you truly think, sir, that Man is in such a high state of God-readiness that he would prefer to immediately accept without evidence 3 or 4 years of investigation into the manner? How many years, ladies and gentlemen, my fellow Americans, did it take for Humanity as a whole to accept even the Kitty Hawk?

We shall pause now for a rest and I shall attend with my channel, Petra, who also serves as our group telepathic channel recorder. During this pause, in behalf of supporting her continued physical energies accommodating and interfacing with 9.4% of my outer auric veil of my soul, I, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, shall delay her return so that each of you by way of a sophistication advanced


technology of a live camera activity shall be able to follow the invited guests now present here into the laboratory, the simulated laboratory.

I ask of you, Mr. Impey, to move more slowly and allow these good people to go through the doorway before you. Upon entering, I, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, ask of you each to simply move to whatever seated position is of most comfort for you. You shall never be in the way in a communication.

I now pause and ask of our channel’s personal secretary to lead our dear Petra to a comfortable chair.


I, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, shall now direct your attention, ladies and gentlemen, to a short prepared dissertation that I personally delivered on 28 January 1986…


Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, it is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

I, President John Fitzgeald Kennedy, shall now direct your attention, ladies and gentlemen, to a short prepared dissertation that I personally delivered on 28 January 1986.

Mrs. Barone, kindly take the dark glasses. Everyone, please be seated and remain so.

I shall now open our channel’s eyes to read the dissertation. A copy of same is available to each of you so designated in my opening comments. Thus, quite clearly in precise English, should your corporation logo indicate IBM, yes, you may not, incorrect, you may receive not only my dissertation in typewritten, transcribed manner, you may also receive a personal copy of this video communication as well as each person and association and corporation listed in my opening statement.

I shall now modulate the energy for our channel Petra to read with the pronunciation and elocution and tone inflection of my voice to the best possible manner.

I, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, most humbly come forward on this holy and most auspicious divine occasion on this hour in eternity to signature a divine document bearing the illumination of our Divine Lord Christ Jesus.


In the history of Mankind there have been few ostensible occasions during which Man as a whole species as purposefully and with intelligence entered into a Holy Covenant under the guidance of an Ascended Master.

In order to effectuate a true and lasting understanding of Man’s

immortal state of being alive in _______  image of a Divine Deific Creator once and again in the history of Man, a few individuals and groups have been gathered together by the unfolding graces of the Divine Paradise Corridor of Light. And on such hallowed occasions Man in small groups freely elected to take up the banner of freedom on behalf of their fellow Americans, on behalf of their fellow man.

Needless to say, suffering in any form is a plague of Man’s fertile imagination that suffering must attend freedom, democracy and justice for all. The demigods of power who have vantaged their positions over Man, created military and political empowerments for the purpose, the sole purpose of delivering into the jaws of oppression and tyrrany a venue of public rhetoric which borders Man as a whole on the fringes of seeking advanced technologies in the hopes of finding the most secure resolutions leading to an international peace world-wide.

And the economic sanctions that science and medicine, the giants among the educated intelligensia, shall hold as vanguard the future of America.    And her free-nation allies earnestly desiring the high order intelligence vested garments of a fail-safe, long-lived settle claim for peace upon the good Earth.


It is to you, the educated intelligensia of Earth, that I, the 35th President of the United States of America, now address my statement as to the relevancy of the knowledges contained within this Holy booklet. Based on truth and fact, the inclusive materials were gathered and assembled in a highly guarded and refined manner under the direct guidance and divine leadership abilities of five universally-known Mahatmas who elected to come forward during five meditative __________ encoursed (?) with the spiritual at-one-ment state of our memberships’ beloved telepathic channel, Petra Damascus.

These excerptions are to be noted by the science nobles, attesting to the true faith clause of earnestly desiring peace on Earth as divinely compassionate free gifts of knowledge sent directly to them.

In this holy action, a reviewer with a modicum of scientific knowledge or technical basic understandings of the unexplained energies that control, regulate, vitalize and support the atmospheric energies of Earth may well be choked with thanksgiving.

Upon proper evaluation of these documents, there is an orderly and divine motion that has bequeathed to Mankind as a whole an elimination of needless suffering, unacceptable acts of terrorism, an elimination of violence and inexcusable hostilities attempting to form a military or political public inertia investing all free-nation countries of the Earth with the announced inference that war is more desirable than peace.


The hour has simply come for Man to dignify his soul and to be fully cognizant that all men, women and children of Earth have received from the Creator of all the Universes the inalienable spiritual right to freely partake of a humane quality of life accompanied by all democratic freedoms spiritually given to the self-governing free-nation countries of the Holy Earth.

Man‘s quite able, Man is quite able as this point in his evolution to offer to Heaven a substantial contribution in single and group form that would be fully accepted by the higher and more evolved civilizations of the Paradise Mansions under the sponsorship of the Almighty Father God.

What then is needed for Man to become a collaborative partner in this joint spiritual venture? Acknowledgement of a vital life source, a living light that sets into motion the cyclic clock of Man’s daily life as lived on Earth. That is but one requirement for the Paradise membership of souls to actively join with you, the members of homo sapiens, group by group in a collaborative manner to effectuate the light of the souls of pre-selected Earth groups to be effaced with the light of the souls of pre-assigned highly-evolved Paradise citizens of selected Paradise civilizations.

And the second requirement; the requisite for any soul or group of souls on Earth so desiring of international peace on Earth, thus those souls or group of souls will be provided a direct corridor of light, Angel One. And in the English language only offering initially a series of high order knowledges to be carefully tendered and held in


reserve as if they were taken to be a spiritual endowment for Man as a a whole. Such a step would require of you, the active participant, in group or single manner, a fully investment of your inner-tellings and express them in an inaudible manner in your personal prayers.

It is to be an expression of full acceptance that the Divine Creator

Father shall not accept nor shall it ___________  upon the face of the Earth a minority vote for self-destruction of the human race by way of common tribal conflicts or planned nuclear war.

Let it so then be recorded on the very hour of Mankind’s history when the greatest of countries of Earth were given to personally view the shatterings and defections emplaced in the forward progress of the United States of America, pioneering a structured and formulate, formulated program supporting international peace by way of exploring the unexplained energy frontiers of space.

I, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, have come forward on that day of tragedy and on behalf of my beloved America to offer for the historical posterity of Man as a whole this Holy Affirmation declaring for all time the Divine Order Wisdom so contained in this assembled booklet. The very truths are humbly placed before all scientists of Earth desiring the tranquility of an international peace.

As relevant to Project St. Peter and you, the potential members of Alpha Earth Unit One, it is my humble celestial obligation to dutifully bring your attention into direct focus relative to this


booklet of Divine Higher Truths which shall naturally effectuate the development and refinement of Angel One and Michael One, respectively.

The dark glasses, please.

I, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, am joined in Paradise by a most gracious and blessed soul. It was my humble honor during my last mortal lifetime to meet with her now and then. She is here now with me and I, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, humbly desire to offer her a Presidential escort. I ask of you to listen to her short but most noble message.

Good evening. My name is Eleanor Roosevelt. It is my ______________  to be in attendance on this most holy occasion. There is such a joy in Paradise on this Holy night and in the management of all that comes to Earth. The Divine manifestation of Holy light begins always with the Creator Father, be He in sponsorship with the United States of America or her free-nation allies. This is to be a United Nations effort, dear friend.

Neither John, our illumined President John Kennedy nor I, Eleanor Roosevelt, nor my beloved Franklin have lost our good senses. There is no fear, there is no harm, there is only the abundance of knowledge to be sent to Earth. It is for you as groups and single individuals to determine for yourselves the rightfulness of this blessed task. Oh, so very much, so very much shall be ______ . You need not fear for any recrimination on your individual part.


The qualifications that have aligned you with our Celestial membership was sent out to our membership by the Divine Corridor of Light, a spiritual encounter no doubt given to each of you. Did you not experience it upon the arrival of your first or last child? Do you not see it as the Apollo space vessel moves about the horizon? Did you not hear it on V-Day? Have you forgotten Korea? And most recently Indo-China, Vietnam?

We ask only to be of assistance. We ask only that your high order intelligence resolve in a common sense and practicable manner the particular action that you singly and in group form desire to take. All that shall be shown you now is for the sole purpose of inviting, of inviting you each to come and visit this laboratory. And in the future, visit the working laboratory quite near the capital city.

Be at peace and know there is no United Nations strong enough upon the face of the Earth today that is vested with the empowerment of such a harmonious balance necessary to complete peace upon the Holy Earth.

You are the intelligence, you are the educated. It does fall to your shoulders. You may make no claim of favoritism for you each by way of your educations, have been so favored. It is so then entrusted as it was to my beloved Franklin and to I, Eleanor.

Reach out your hands, walk with us through the Holy corridors of time. Come to the final apparatus that shall broadcast our direct voice to you each. Ask what you desire. You’ll know in your heart. For every


moment and every question you ask a knowledge could have been sent to

Earth to save perhaps 500.


Feel the peace, feel the peace _________ Paradise _______ and know, and know in your souls there shall be no war upon the Earth. Be part of that action. Allay the fear of Man. Do not generate, please, more fear, concern and alarm. Be participant and active in this Holy work.


And I, Eleanor Roosevelt and my beloved Franklin, shall be in

attendance with our entire membership and shall offer you a personal line of identification should you run into stormy weather now and then.

Peace. Love. Peace. Love. Amen.

I, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, humbly ask that another rest period now occur. This time for a time lapse of 20 minutes so all invited guests may maintain their composure. I now withdraw my presence and enrobe the soul of our dear channel, Petra, with the Holy Light of the Divine Corridor of Light. Amen.


Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit as it was in the beginning, it is now and every shall be world without end. Amen.

I, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, am humbly honored to return once more during the course of this ongoing Holy Blessed telepathic communication interfacing the Light of my soul with that of our channel, dear Petra.

In this portion of the video-filmed transmission, you, all of you, the potential members of Alpha Earth Unit One, shall be offered a structuring of the architecture of the energies involved in the future developments and refinements of both Angel One, as an electronic advanced space-age technology of communicating long distances converting those distances to light years, a radio achievement, a broadcasting system as yet unknown to Man. Simultaneously, we shall also bring to the Corridor of Knowledge, that is, I and our Presidio Council, to which I shall direct my numerous requests on behalf of their assistance to maintain and harmonize the energies so we may conclude this communication.

In the parallel corridor of this Holy Knowledge, you shall each be given a rudimentary understanding of how it is that you individually became aligned at this hour in eternity, not only with the METAscience Foundation but also with our illumined membership, Alpha Celestial Unit One.


Should time permit we shall also offer to you those first knowledges that shall be sent through this Celestial Broadcasting System. Therefore you are offered a two-part indepth understanding so that all the “pieces” shall be laid out before you.

We are not void of humor and wit. However, the solemnity of this occasion by necessity shall be in need of a more sounder spiritual tone. As the purpose of this work and the Celestial Broadcasting System under the code name Project St. Peter, is a two-way beneficent blessing, allowing Man a direct part, an active participation in communicating with not only our membership, but also beings from advanced civilization.

Therefore kindly dismiss your preconceptions of the purported spiritual and mental characteristics of a soul highly evolved now residing, for example, in the evolved civilizations of Orion. The more often you are able to put aside your intellectual endeavors and logical analyzation as well as a calming of your emotional responses, obviously necessary to encourage your interest and maintain your focus, are quite unnecessary with regards to any Paradise to Earth alarm. This is a gift, my fellow Americans, this is not a red alert. I, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, am able to make the point no clearer than that.

With your permission then we shall now proceed.