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February 2016 – Various community members begin planning private development circles for radio and physical mediumship.

January 2016 – 3 new team members join iDigitalMedium, bringing our team’s total to seven people.

12/24/2015 – The first newsletter is sent out on Christmas Eve.

12/20/2015  –  Ron creates his first Youtube tutorial describing how to use SpiriTron Stream 2 and demonstrates what real time interaction is like.

12/20/2015  –  Stream 3 is born, a simulcast collaboration with Steve Hultay of LiveGhostBox.com It is the first time we are aware of multiple individuals coming together to share LIVE ITC streams as a combined effort.

12/20/2015 – Keith creates his first technical YouTube tutorial demonstrating how to use a VST Host for LIVE audio filtering.

12/17/2015 – Stream 1 Spectrograph is reborn on the iDigitalMedium website after a 6 year hiatus, having streamed on the ITC Bridge website for a year in 2008-2009.

12/2/2015  –  Keith fires up Stream 1 audio only, thanks to help and a spark from Steve Hultay.

10/3/2015  –  The Worldwide EVP Exhibit collection begins, with an automated form to submit an EVP.

02/08/2015  –  The Share a Website initiative launches. It is the first UGC (User Generated Content) initiative that we know of in the spiritual community, where the process is automated behind the scenes, and anyone can add a website…instantly.

02/01/2015  –  We published an online form to Share a Website

October – February 4  –  Time to dig in deep. Over 300 hours of research, blood, sweat, mistakes, patience, and evolution in creating the infrastructure behind iDigitaMedium.

11/05/2014  –  Our Twitter Feed is launched and the first tweet hits cyberspace

10/19/2014  –  First post on our Facebook Page, first article on website by Ron was published HERE

September  –  Big wheels kept on turning in Keith’s mind, then in late September, early October – spirit brought him to this realization: What would happen if, instead of each person trying to create their own website and toiling away as an individual – what if everyone had the ability to share anything together? This is the turning point where the focus of everything changed. iDigitalMedium’s purpose was now clear – to use computer technology as a tool to unite people from all over the world, all genres, by providing a means to have them share their personal experiences. Various ideas and pieces began to form and come together.

08/02/2014  –  Our Facebook Page is first created

07/11/2014  –  Keith and Gretchen first meet at ASCS conference in Scottsdale, AZ

07/10/2014  –  Keith and Ron meet in person for the first time in AZ, after being friends for years.

2014  –  Early summer – The idea to not try and do a website all on his own finally sunk into Keith’s brain, and ensuing conversations with Ron determined that things could get done with more people, and energies could be balanced. Ron and Keith formed a partnership.

01/09/2014  –  iDigitalMedium domain names are secured.

2012  –  After securing a job at a large global law firm, Keith quickly adapts, and is given additional work roles which exposed him to the power of a team. These ideas began to sink in, and became tools used for this website.

2011  –  Keith ponders the idea for a new website, with the idea to write articles on other people’s work – a website that comes from a different approach – to share the work of other people. To build on the principle of everyone pitching together to accomplish something larger than an individual could ever accomplish.

2010  –  In relation to Keith’s work with spirit, his boss jokingly says one day: “You could be a Digital Medium.” An idea was born, the seed was planted. His ex-boss is now a successful realtor and sold Keith his first house – where spirit works today.

2006  – Present  –  Keith’s first website attempt, ITC Bridge, ended up being more of a forum than a website. Early in, Ron Ruiz started pitching in as forum administrator. The forum is still visited by many more internet anonymous visitors than members!
Want to see what it used to look like?

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