Stream 3

Stream 3 – “Clipper” aka Digital Circuit Distortion (Spiricom Edition) Since 12/1/2016 Try out our new audio only stream, fondly named “Clipper”! NO Radio, NO Human Voice, NO External Input are used in the production of this live stream. An audio file IS used in this live stream. (detailed information below) *All iDigitalMedium streams are certified 100%…

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Multi-track method

Individual Language Files  Cantonese 1 minute Dutch 1 minute French 1 minute German 1 minute Italian 1 minute Japanese 1 minute Korean 1 minute Russian 1 minute   Full 10 minute Foreign Language Files (4 languages in each file) CJDK Cantonese Japanese Dutch Korean 10min CRIK Cantonese Russian Italian Korean 10min FRIG French Russian Italian…

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