Spektrocom-FREE Paranormal ITC Software by eXtremeSenses Software

Introduction by Keith J. Clark:


For many years people have succeeded in conducting visual paranormal experiments.  For those of us in a much smaller niche, we refer to these as “ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) Experiments”.   Traditionally these experiments involve non-digital visual methods such as fog, steam, smoke, dry ice, vapor, etc.  Photographs, when taken using these mediums, often appear to show paranormal faces.


In February of 2019, a new experiment was run by iDigitalMedium in an attempt to synthesize the ideal experiment conditions inside a computer. It streamed live online 24 hours a day. Paranormal faces were appearing in computer-generated pseudo-random white noise. All of this was happening within the internal components of the computer workstation; there was no external input. This experiment was called “Faces in Sound.”


For a year, I began to focus my energy on the computer experiment, and as a result, at times, the clarity of paranormal faces improved. A direct relationship was experienced and confirmed between my mental focus and the “energy” contact field – which expressed itself in the physical hardware. It was the first time that I had achieved consistent results using nothing but internal computer software and hardware (experiments usually involved radio signals in the past). At this point, experiment environments became “synthesized”, and the goal was to continue to demonstrate this concept to the general public.


There are many software solutions for computers with Windows operating systems that have used for paranormal experiments, often with less than impressive results. These experiments included “contoli noise”, “sTiles”, and other programs intended to generate random computer video pixels.


iDigitalMedium has slowed down the last few years due to health issues and other creative challenges. There are plans for a new effort underway – to recreate the historical “Metascience Foundation” run by George Meek for almost two decades in the 1970s-’90s. The project is a collaborative effort among many people in the community.


In February of 2020, Martin Bellefeuille offered to donate his Software entitled “Spektrocom” software to Metascience Foundation and the efforts of paranormal and ITC experimenters around the world. We graciously accepted. Since then, Spektrocom has featured on the Metascience Foundation’s (formerly iDigitalMedium) YouTube LIVE 24-hour stream under the heading “Faces in Software.”


Martin accomplished a few requested tweaks of his Software, and we now host it here; download for FREE with no support. The goal is to encourage people to conduct long-term experiments to see if they have what it takes to help people in spirit form their faces – in Software!


FREE SPEKTROCOM SOFTWARE by eXtremeSenses Software

History: To read the original article when the Software was first envisioned and developed, visit our friends at ITCVoices.Org




Classified as an Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) software by eXtremeSenses Software. Spektrocom is a software for Windows that uses the advance Perlin noise algorithm to help the spirits manifest themselves visually. The modified Perlin noise implemented in Spektrocom gives impressive results for anyone interested in ITC imaging research.


Initially released in 2016, the Special Edition was changed from the original version to become free Software (without any technical support/updates from eXtremeSenses Software) for the use of  MetaScience Foundation\iDigitalMedium and researchers in the field.


Features for this FREE Software:

– Real-time generation of images in full screen or window mode

– Can automatically save images

– Image noise adjustments during a live session

– Uses a custom-designed Perlin noise algorithm

– Two sound bank options! SpiriTron (from iDidigitalMedium) or use your custom bank!

– Audio effects/tuning: reverb, echo, tempo, rate and pitch

Note: Sound playback and the Perlin noise generation are not linked together.


You need the following requirements for your computer:

  • Windows 7, 8.1 or Windows 10 Home or Pro (Windows 10 ‘S’ mode is NOT supported)
  • Intel (i3 or higher) CPU (Processor) – Quad-Core 1.6Ghz
  • 2 GB of RAM (memory) or higher
  • Resolution: Min. 1366×768 / Max. 1920 X 1080
  • Sound card
  • Tablet mode in Windows 10 is NOT supported
  • Administrator permission is required for the installation



(you will need to unzip the download before running the install executable)


EXPERIMENT SAMPLES BELOW (Black and White Photos):












***COMING SOON: An Instructional YouTube Video