Radio work requires long-term development. We think it may be similar to physical mediumship, in that it takes years to cultivate a connection with spirit that builds up enough energy for spirit to be consistent, heard, or understood. There are many things we do not yet know regarding this technique, and we will learn as time goes on. Now that the stream is live, we feel it is important to document the progress – for after all, YOU are helping with the energy when you visit the stream.

Chronological Archive

This page will present a chronological story of audio that came direct from this radio LIVE on the stream – starting with the 1st day the stream went live (audio only during the first week of streaming), on December 2nd, 2015. These samples were chosen to show interaction, progress, and variety. For past archive audio of this project, go HERE

December 2nd, 2015: We hear spirit talking, and samples of them bursting energy, the first time this had been heard since the radio work stopped in November of 2009.

December 2nd, 2015: We hear spirit talking, and as they burst energy we start to hear voice mixed in with it.

December 5, 2015: Keith: “Hey Patrick, Pharon says compliments to the group. You guys are getting pretty good over there”………….”so we say thank you.”
Response heard at end of the clip: Gretchen can speed it up (Class A)

December 5th, 2015: We hear spirit talking and then they talk in a modulated burst.

December 5th, 2015: Another sample of volume bursting as spirit attempts to modulate their words.

December 5th, 2015: Keith: “We’re gonna do an experiment on Christmas day, I’ll have to plan now”…..Spirit: “We’re going forward“…..Keith: “We’re going forward”…..Keith: “I actually heard that.”

December 6th, 2015 (morning): Spirit is talking, and then we hear a new modulated “ringing” sound.

December 6th, 2015 (morning): In this minute long clip we hear spirit modulating again, with an additional sort of harmonic “noise” that had been heard in California years ago.

December 6th, 2015 (morning): Same info as clip above.

December 6th, 2015 (morning): Same as clips above.

12-21-2015 6-51-08 PM

December 6th, 2015 (morning): This is a 2 minute 41 second file that demonstrates what it is like when spirit is working on radio. We hear talking, modulation, a ticking (that someone will probably say is a radio beacon of some type), and many changes in the sound. We believe the ticking may inserted intentionally to determine timing, as if it were a metronome – as it only appears rarely, and usually when there are dramatic changes while spirit is working.

December 12th, 2015 – December 19th, 2015: The radio at 25.5Mhz was left on in the “spirit room”, as I was impressed to pull out a portable UHF/VHF TV. It was placed in my living room on the floor. During this time period we launched the stream using a UHF TV, which seemed to provide better format for spectrograph images at higher frequencies.

December 12th, 2015: A voice appears to say something similar or equal to “David Hall

December 12th, 2015: UHF TV shows promise, with a wider range of voice frequencies.

December 12th, 2015: We believe this clip is a reference to 2 known people in the ITC community.

December 12th, 2015: This clip is believed to be: They’re televising his computer ~ Referencing the LIVE Stream

December 15, 2015 (evening): Recorded on my Samsung Galaxy phone from an AM radio that I transmit to the garage in my house where I often sit. I was having a conversation with spirit regarding a dream in which I was with Marcello Bacci (who is alive and well in Italy) working on radio. Their response is believed to be something similar or equal to: “Isn’t Bacci going to help, the whole spirit world knows Bacci.

***Interaction / Longer Recording***
December 15, 2015 (evening): Recorded using Samsung Galaxy phone. I tell spirit that I know that they are waiting for the spectrograph stream to be created. They respond and say, among other things: “This is not important.

December 15, 2015 (evening): The end of the recording which is same session as the clip above. I was telling them how I acquired some computer resources, and that I was able to see how they had influenced that person that give me a call.

Early AM December 20th, I decided it was time to get the UHF TV off of my living room floor and put it out in the “spirit room.” Changing things is always hard, especially if what was there previously is not heard when you move it and turn it back on. This was the case, and I was rather disappointed to only hear ordinary marginal static (with spirit voices all over the spectrum) after I moved the TV. So I changed back to the radio for the stream. It had always been my original source, so I felt it should always be primary on Stream 1.

I got up on Sunday, December 21st and listened to the radio, and was rather disappointed in that also. The frequency spread wasn’t half of that on the spectrograph display, and I wasn’t hearing anything exceptional. But then I heard that familiar ringing modulated sound, and I felt all was OK. Spirit knows this, and they try to reassure whenever they can. It also turns out that I had hit a button on the UHF TV by accident – which I resolved, but the TV is just sitting right now, not connected to any computers, letting spirit work on it. I plan to make this TV the secondary Spectrograph stream – then there will always be a backup, barring internet or electrical issues.

When I heard this modulated ring sound, I happened to be tuning the software filters for the Stream, and this is what I saw:
12-20-2015 10-19-27 AM

As you may imagine, I immediately kind of freaked out with excitement. When I heard that sound and saw the above on the spectrograph, I thought “Maybe all of those strange sounds and ringings were them testing sending a spectrograph – their picture in sound!” After I got over my excitement I began analyzing the rest of these anomalies with the spectrograph, but did not find enough evidence to support my thinking. Here’s what I heard (and this was all playing live, through the internet stream – where anyone could listen at any time, mind you.)

December 20th, 10am EST: I begin recording and stop to pull out all of the samples where I hear this modulation occurring on the stream.

I record 17 of these anomalies, and begin to analyze them. I find something is common amongst them….they are roughly 2 notes, at or very close (within .4Hz) to the two frequencies of 32.7Hz and 41.2Hz, which I see correspond to the notes “C” and “E”

12-21-2015 6-20-46 PMSo at this point I’m dumbfounded. There is a personal significance to “C” and “E” (which I cannot disclose at this time), but I went to sleep that night wondering “What exactly is that? How can they send frequencies that low through a radio – I thought a radio wouldn’t have that low of a frequency response? Is it Morse code or some other signaling? Are they trying to tell me something or is it just them testing voice? There seems to be a piece missing, and I am determined to find out.

12-21-2015 7-55-31 PMDecember 21st, 2015: Today I recorded for long periods of time, then went back and cut out all of the normal radio and just left these anomalies (inserting space between some of them). I wanted to see if playing them back at a faster rate or looking at them closer showed me anything. Will look later.


December 21 5:30pm EST:    “…the people…your energy….to use it to…”


……the journey continues……