We’re Back: The Continued Quest for Direct Radio Voice Using High Voltage

by Keith Clark

To pique your interest, let’s start with some audio recorded today, after the writing of this article ūüôā


Feb 9 2009

ITC Bridge Stream – Feb 9 2009

From 2005 to 2009 a long term radio project was run when I lived in California. Some of you may remember when we streamed this live feed for a year continuous from about October 2008 to November 2009 Рat which point I left California. This is an update on the journey to understand the ways spirit can influence radio, in the quest for direct radio voice and the furthering of communication with spirit, live in real-time. It was only 3 weeks after I started recording EVP in 2005 when I noticed something in the radio static background I was using to record for EVP. I heard, and unknown to me at the time, felt that someone was talking on the radio. It was intelligent, and not a radio broadcast. At the time I was a definite newbie in this field, so my instinct was to simply try to filter the AM static even more until it was recognizable. Of course, that only helped so much and the communication was still largely unintelligible. In fact, over-filtering actually only caused more confusion.

Audio File Sample from June 20, 2008¬†Titled “Energy Contact Field”


- Radios in Shed in 2007

– Radios in Shed in 2007

I reached out to a few people at the time, and was disappointed with the response – but I later came to realize that it was not important to receive other’s validation; besides, what exactly is the point of showing someone your current work if it can’t be understood or is not intelligible to begin with? If they had shown me an unfinished work, what would have been my response? It’s like showing someone a blank canvas and asking them to enjoy the beauty of your painting. EVP is one thing, direct radio voice is another animal completely. Now I’m a little older and wiser, and understand it is important to appreciate the diversity of all, and also for each of us have our own unique mission – which should be accomplished purely for the satisfaction of doing so. Working with spirit can be tough, and frustrating at first. But eventually you come to a point where you know what you know, even more important, what you feel – and you go with it. Intuition is key.

Audio file from September 8, 2009¬†Titled “Can Anyone Say Hello?”


- Photo Courtesy of SpiritArchive.org

– Marcello Bacci in Italy – Photo Courtesy of SpiritArchive.org

The interesting thing to note here is that Direct Radio Voice is traditionally associated with the work of Marcello Bacci, Dr. Anabela Cardoso, and Sonia Rinaldi, etc.¬†More¬†particularly, in the¬†first 2 cases (If I am not mistaken) voices are heard normally from the radio, and are not buried in static and an overabundance of radio static and buzzing such as I had experienced myself. If someone says “direct radio voice”, the premise is usually that a conversation is both held and understood by the experimenters. To say you’ve accomplished Direct Radio Voice, yet not be able to demonstrate a 2-way conversation, would be considered by many to be a faux-pas. It would be misrepresentation. Therefore I classify my work as the pursuit of the Holy Grail: a two-way conversation between myself and spirit which can be understood live. I am now almost 10 years along in this progression.

Something that¬†should be taken into account though –¬†are the various ways in which spirit works and can manipulate electronics, and of course – waves. As we have seen time and time again, no two experimenters have the exact same results. This is seen more so in the coveted and rare areas such as direct radio voice. To date, nobody has duplicated Spiricom on a presentable level, and the 3 individuals mentioned above have something in common – they have invested in a long term goal of commitment and service to others. In one case, publicity is shunned deliberately, presumably for the purpose of maintaining the energy necessary to sustain these contacts.

Audio File from September 10, 2007¬† Titled “I Heard That”

Now, time for a curve ball. Lets wander off into technical babble and I’ll describe something which has not (to my knowledge) been discussed or experimented with publicly. It is so “far out there” and the examples so few, that many people either don’t know it exists, or perhaps they don’t have enough patience to stick with it….

Sustained Voice Using High Voltage.
Unfortunately I can’t lump all types of radio into one group, but for a moment I’d like to talk about high voltage. Why?

torre de alta tensin.Concepto de energia electricaBecause in California when I put my radio in a shed in the back yard and left it on for 4-5 years, some very interesting things happened. The very annoying overpowering buzzing got stronger and stronger, and eventually it became clear that spirit was using something to try to influence the radio. But what was it? At the time I was far less educated about radio and electronics than I am now – even then I’m an amateur at best. So I ran around with an EMF meter…that didn’t show anything. I did take notice that the signal was stronger when near electrical outlets, some different than others. Like a water diviner I ran around with the radio, antenna extended, as if I was looking for some elusive electromagnetic black hole. I even installed a ground rod outside the shed and attached the radio antenna to it.

Audio File from August 1, 2009 Titled “Hi”


shednpoleAny idea you can think of, I tried it. Looking back, some of the contraptions are quite funny and ridiculous. At times, I even took my radio with me on trips to other places, to see if the same noise would come out of it – but it never did. Over time it became clear to me that there was something unique about what I experienced in California. When I left California for Florida in 2009, this was confirmed. 2009 through 2012 or so saw a decline in my work with spirit and radio. Of course, I broke out the radio at every location I lived (I moved 7 times in 7 years) to see what would come of it. But I never heard that warm, familiar buzzing.

- Bruce Moen

– Bruce Moen

It became clear to me by the time I left Cali that the power pole in the picture above was responsible for the unique experiences I had over radio for the 5 years in California. So I knew it was the power pole, but what exactly was I supposed to do with that knowledge? I’m not an electrician, and I only started an electronics college course once and probably only made it halfway through the first class. So, I did what anyone else does in my situation – I consulted my oracle – Google. I learned that power poles have something called insulators, and they also have step-down transformers to bring electricity down from extremely high voltages to voltages that can be used in houses. I discussed it with my new friend – the amazing Bruce Moen (retired engineer, author, good friend, ITC experimenter, teacher of “retrievals” and other¬†meditation methods, and later…my roommate) I was so convinced we could create sustained voice I emphasized my point to Bruce and he did what any engineer would do….figure out a way to recreate it, of course!

Audio File of Spark Gap Emitter created by Bruce Moen – March 10, 2011

I don’t have a picture at the moment to show, but what Bruce did was say “Ok, so maybe the insulators are leaking. We can recreate that by creating a spark gap emitter.” And he did exactly that. He connected a variable AC power supply to a neon light transformer which fed to a an automobile spark plug. When it was turned on, it had about a 5 foot radius where it would affect electronics, including radio. The result, when combined with live filtering software, is the file posted directly above this paragraph. The concept worked. Voice was sustained using high frequency voltage – but it was also messy. It could not be cleaned up too well. As I moved from place to place, this device was only brought out from time to time. It has served its purpose. It has proven a concept. High voltage does have applications in ITC.

Audio File from April 11, 2009 Titled “I ask questions, they answer”
Note: The sound at 5 seconds is the result of a light switch in the garage in the house being switched on.


- Radio September 2015

– Radio September 2015

Work continued sporadically over the period after 2009. Since I didn’t have my power pole superpowers anymore I was relegated to perform experiments just like everyone else again. It didn’t stop there, I eventually discovered that if I didn’t have high frequency to work with (California experiments were conducted mostly at 25.5Mhz), I could drop down to 150Khz and hear all kinds of cool stuff. Electrical energy is very thick down in that area, radio transmissions are much harder to come by (at least during the day), and you can even hear lightning and other natural noises and interference. So I¬†used that technique to sustain me during those years. Besides, I was way too busy learning some much needed life lessons, and I didn’t have the proper space to conduct experiments….until now.

I have been in pursuit of this project for so long, and have such a passion for it that I can tend to go on and on. And, to be frank – it is not a short story by any means. Nor is the story over. And, if I have learned anything, it is to conserve energy. If I sit here and write all day, I will expend too much energy. So I will end this article and share with you why I felt inspired to write today. As of about 4 weeks ago I moved into my first house. It’s a given that one of the first things I would do is fire up the radio and see what the environment is like. And I did. And they (spirit) were there, heard pretty loud (though not clearly) at 150Khz. So we’ve been experimenting for a month now. There have been some new developments and discoveries regarding just exactly how spirit influences radios with electricity, which I am still absorbing and will share soon.

And now, to end where I started – with audio recorded today, at 150Khz, live, filtered.

Today’s audio file – September 13, 2015 (Audio Sample – Not meant to be understood, just observed)


And…..a sample¬†of what it sounds like to your ears without any filtering at all (not same file)

I hope you have enjoyed this article, and perhaps have many questions of your own. If you are electronically inclined, I suspect you will begin to form your own opinions, and probably set those synapses firing inside your brain, perhaps even want to try your own experiments. I haven’t provided all information for brevity’s sake, but you have enough to let spirit influence you to come to your own conclusions.

And if I have inspired one person, then my time was well spent. Until then,


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