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The Memorial of William Addams Welch

By Ron Ruiz Ever heard of him?  If you haven’t, you are not alone.  Little is known about William Addams Welch.  If you google his name you will come up with basically the same entry over and over of him writing a book on EVP….and not much else. William’s day job was literally the stuff…

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A Twist Of FATE – Spiricom or SpiriCon

By Ron Ruiz “Action – Reaction – Cause and Effect.  These are the primal forces that drive the universe and everyone in it” Hopefully by now you are coming to understand the story of Spiricom from its inception up to the Press Conference in Washington D.C. on April 6, 1982. While there had been some…

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Interactive Audio ITC Experiment For You To Try

by Ron Ruiz Hi Guys. I created an audio file that seems to provide some two-way communication with the folks on the other side and would like to share the file and settings with you. Side Note: The terms noise and sound are interchangeable for the purpose of this article. The best audio experience relies…

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