The Memorial of William Addams Welch

By Ron Ruiz

Ever heard of him?  If you haven’t, you are not alone.  Little is known about William Addams Welch.  If you google his name you will come up with basically the same entry over and over of him writing a book on EVP….and not much else.

William’s day job was literally the stuff of Hollywood because Mr. Welch wrote screenplays for movies, radio and TV.

Here is a short video about WilliamWelch.  Judging by the vehicles in the opening sequence,  I would say it is from the late 1970’s:


During his time off though,  you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that Mr. Welch was a respected ITC researcher who;  back in the 1970’s catalogued thousands of EVP’s even before reading Dr. Raudive’s book Breakthrough.  He did this intentionally so as to have a baseline for comparison of his progress and observations.

Holding a long time interest in ESP and Mediumship,  William Welch first heard about  the Taped Voices from Pat Clairidge,  a friend and member of the American Society For Psychical Research.

Ms. Claridge said she knew of a photographer in the LA area named Atilla Von Szalay who had experience recording for EVP’s and she would be willing to arrange a meeting with him.  In early March 1972,  Pat Clairidge and William Welch met with Mr. Szalay at his photography studio.

Atilla was very accommodating in explaining his recording process and even did a short session with Clair and William present.  Inspired by this new found information,  William Addams Welch began his own passage within the realm of Spirit on March 16, 1972.

Using the microphone method and an old reel to reel recorder,  Mr. Welch started as many of us do;  with no voices recorded during his first session.  And like many of us,  it took a few times before he got his first response.  That response was a simple one word greeting:   Hello

Over the next few years,  with the help of his wife Kitty and 2 assistants,  William Addams Welch documented over 25,000 EVP’s and shared his observations with fellow researchers.  In 1975,  Mr. Welch wrote a book on his experiences titled Talks With The Dead.  Sales of the book did so well that it went into a second printing.  You can still find his book on Amazon.

The date of Welch’s death is just as vague as his life.  The only obituary I can find on Mr. Welch reads as follows:

“William Addams Welch, a radio and television writer of more than 500 television plays and as many radio scripts,  died Monday in Hollywood. He was 61 years old”

Despite this lack of specificity we do have an outstanding recording for your listening pleasure.

The following recording is an hour long memorial and tribute to William Addams Welch that was presented during a conference.

You will get to hear actual EVP recordings that Mr. Welch made during his experiments and hear from notable people including Harold Sherman and Kitty Welch:


We at iDigitalMedium are proud to have shed some light on this forgotten ITC Researcher and his remarkable contributions.

Many Thanks…Ron