article 3: Wait for Nothing – Spirit Brings Them to Me

by Keith J. Clark

About an hour ago I was at work. My shift had ended, and I was replying to an email. I conducted my first “experiment.”

Earlier this month I had a telephone reading. In that reading I was encouraged to start developing and using my own mediumship abilities. Of which I don’t have much knowledge myself, really. It is something I want to do, but I am scattered – there are many things I would like to do; and frankly, I intend to do all of them. Her reading was very encouraging….after the first 15 minutes or so, I not sure I was even listening anymore to what she was saying. I was already glowing inside. Here was someone telling me, a Virgo, in a very Virgo way – to think of things differently. She said “what about all the people you’re not helping because you’re waiting?” Well, I hadn’t thought of it that way.

Here’s how I saw things: There has to be a logical process. First, someone develops themselves. They either have or develop something unique, and then they inspire others with that story. By telling their story they can help others, and on and on it promulgates. But what is the catalyst? Since I work with spirit and radio I always figured: OK, somehow, in some way I’ll be able to hear them. Then when I can hear them I’ll have a story. Then, when I have a story I can tell other people. When I tell other people then I am reinforcing the cycle. And all the while – if I’m lucky – really lucky, then I could maybe support myself with it. So here I sat….waiting….for this miracle catalyst to appear.

Sure, it’s felt very close sometimes. With new developments here and there, or a new live stream or idea, my mind fills up with grand dreams of inventions, and how I can help change the world and inspire people. Sometimes you feel as if you are on the very verge of the greatest discovery that bubbles up in your throat and has you seconds from screaming “Eureka!” After having that experience many times (almost everyone that works with ITC has had this feeling and can relate) you learn to become very patient. And you still get excited, just a little more controlled about it – as if it’s a wee little smile where you upturn the corners of your lips and nod your head thinking “I know, I know.”

During the reading I was asked “what do you think about speaking in front of large groups of people?” I replied “I’m OK with it, I’ve been preparing for ten years now.” That’s when she socked it to me: “Ok, then maybe ten years has been more than long enough!” She was right. This was about as bad as my dream of music. I had always wanted to be a musician. When I was a child I told my parents and was laughed at. Then in my twenties I still felt it strongly. Then as I approached 30 and felt I was getting older, I started to wonder. Afterwards, in my early thirties when I was becoming involved hot n’ heavy with work with spirit I said “Well, spirit work is my most important role. I love music, but maybe it will have to wait until my next life.” Next Life? Who the hell starts planning their next life? Hello! Let alone, how pompous was I to assume that I would have the same musical inclinations in my next life. It was only in the last year that I began to wake up and say “Now, Keith.” Stop waiting for life to happen to you.

Back to the topic at hand. In the first article I may have mentioned how I would like to start doing “experiments.” This would be where I would attempt “readings” on people I didn’t know and see what happens. The feeling I get from the reading is this: I’m a Virgo an I analyze the crap out of everything. I would never want to tell a person something wrong. Better to not tell them anything at all. to a Virgo, this may equate to never trying. But let’s say I practice, experiment, and see what skills I may have that can be further developed – or even recognized, for that matter. Then, assess each experiment. See how it goes. Begin to correlate items, see what is correct, what isn’t and let the picture paint itself from there. Heck, I can do that. It sounds scary and fun at the same time! The outlook would be that if I did that enough, eventually I would develop a skillset that I could use, as a practicing medium. Sound crazy? Oh yes, it is. And quite unconventional. And of course, I will be making disclaimers all along the way…..but….what if?

So I mentioned this to a few people – my desire to conduct “experiments”. Nothing has come of it in the last 3 weeks, I’ve been quite busy. But, spirit decided to pitch in and help me. I am not surprised.

Here is an email I sent last Saturday to a friend: (Read it from bottom to top, the newest part is the top)7-28-2016 8-21-39 PM

Why do I say spirit helped me? Here’s why. 4 days ago I expressed that I would like to do an “experiment” of people I don’t know. But I didn’t take the steps to put that out on the internet yet. That takes work and explanation – I’m a Virgo, remember?

Today I receive an email from someone I don’t personally know. We’re not connected on Facebook (that I know of) and I know nothing about them, other than the fact that they have commented on some of my YouTube videos regarding stream 1, and I have exchanged a few emails with them.

Their email said “I have a question for you…a little experiment if you will…” and they continue on to ask me if I would consider using ITC to connect with someone.

As I read it I smiled – you know, the little upturned corners of the mouth that I described earlier – but inside your mind rather than externally – yeah, that’s what happened. I didn’t get off my butt and do it, so spirit decided to give me a gentle little nudge and bring them to me. OK. Maybe this will work.

So to come full circle my shift at work is done and I start to reply to this individual. The request was to use ITC. But as I made all my disclaimers and got to the section where it needed to be approached – (what information should this person give me – if any?) – something started to happen. My inhibitions started to disappear and my mind said “Ok, lets give them an analysis of the paragraph that they sent me in the email. What do I feel from that?” And I started to write. I described things about the person – not necessarily what I intuited, but what my Virgo mind picked up from the email – the little nuances, the similarities to my personality, etc. I think of it like Sherlock Holmes. “Yes, Lucy – he must be a gentleman dressed in beggar’s clothes. His hands were well manicured, and his shoes did not have the characteristic pattern of a brush used to polish that kind of shoe. The smell of parfume lingered slightly in the air and carried a waft of sophistication only becoming of a gentleman living north of 18th Street.”

Well, back to this reality! That’s what it feels like – like a supercomputer inputting data, crunching the numbers, and then predicting the most likely pattern to be output. I wrote three or four sentences this way, thinking to myself (who cares if I speak out loud to this person, we will both benefit from them seeing what I deduced from their email and perceived calculations.”

But then I reached a point after the third paragraph. I hesitated…should I write it? Then I began and continued. Part of my mind wanted to completely stop, and the other half wanted to continue writing. Now, I was writing what I was feeling…..?? wait, was it what I was feeling….or seeing? I’m not sure how to describe it. I started to write as if I knew this person and the person they wanted me to contact. But I didn’t. Making half-generalized statements yet making all too sure to not really commit. My hand hesitated a few times. Should I? Between the first part where I was just “analyzing” and the second part where I suddenly felt like I was telling a story, something happened. Something changed, shifted. And so I wrote it. I wrote what I “saw” in my mind. I’m not sure “see” is even a good description. It was more like daydreaming, and connecting it to something you’re doing while you’re daydreaming – does that make any sense?

So I stopped. It was about 6 short paragraphs. Half was my mind, half was……..I’m not quite sure. Imagination? Sensing? Baloney? No idea. But, I am interested in finding out.

As I said, I’ve been busy lately, I haven’t come back to this little “article” because more important tasks have been at hand. But all of a sudden, I felt compelled….not just pulled….but “I compel you in the name of Christ” – THAT kind of compelled to sit down and write this. And it is probably one of the fastest, most pure things I have written. Unedited. And I simply don’t care that it’s unedited. How unlike me.

I think this will help somebody. And it will help me. It may help translate what the practicing medium describes into a language that the average common every day person understands and relates to. Energy? yeah, I don’t feel that crap! I feel inspired. I picture a swirling tornado of energy around me. I get goose bumps – that’s what I think energy is. And when I get goose bumps – I try to figure out how to make them last longer! That’s energy to me! I don’t hear anything, I don’t see anything…I am a typical person. A “normal person.” A non-practicing developing medium – simply because that’s what I state that I am. And I want to be a medium. And if I get to be, I want to show others how to do it also. The first step is to Stop Thinking That You Can’t. I will learn more from my writing than anyone else possibly could.

And so we will learn together.

As for the “experiment”….who knows what will come of it? This person may come back and say “man, you are wacked! that was all wrong!” And I will thank them, and we will see what happens next. But there’s a part of me, a strong part that hopes, really hopes…..that I got something right. Have you ever felt that way?

Keith7-2016SmallMy name is Keith and I’m the creator of the ITC Bridge and iDigitalMedium websites. My passions are music and the expression of creativity in all areas of life – with a special emphasis on life AFTER death, communication with spirit, and development of mediumship. New challenges excite me. Breaking ground and forging into the unknown is one of my favorite pastimes. As I share my journey of learning about myself I hope to help others also – to learn about the world we live in and the worlds we wish to understand. Feel free to comment below, or contact me at any time.


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