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By Ron Ruiz Did the NSA …aka…National Security Agency tip their hand and possibly validate Electronic Voice Phenomena?  If so, what did they know and when did they know it? As a researcher, I spend lots of time going through documents obtained from various archives.  Most of the time the information is so-so, but then…there…

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Who?? – Foreword

by Ron Ruiz Michael and Joe Lamoreaux are the newest inductees into the ITC Hall of Fame.  These pioneering brothers flew under the radar and are likely some of the greatest EVP researchers you’ve never heard of. Most people who engage in Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) and Radio ITC are familiar with the works of…

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The Raudive Diode and Its Place in History

By Ron Ruiz The Raudive Diode has been the source of discussion and frustration among researchers for quite some time. If you do an image search for the Raudive Diode you will see various schematics. This is because the Raudive Diode is not a single circuit or device but rather, a short lived trial and…

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