The Euro Signal Bridge of Jules and Maggy Harsch – Fischbach Part – 1

By Ron Ruiz & William Pimblott

This is Part – 1 of a Three Part article that deals with the Luxembourg Euro Signal Bridge.

Part – 1 will cover the May 1987 experiments of the GA-1 & ESB systems in the presence of Metascience founder George Meek.  You will have the opportunity to hear actual recordings and review the schematics and Meeks report.

In Parts 2 & 3, we will delve into the technical aspects of the GA-1 & ESB systems and provide schematics and an operational overview.

The 1980’s world of ITC Research was alive and well in Europe.  Taking cues from the early efforts of Friedrich Jurgenson, Konstantin Raudive, Hanna Bushbeck, Leo Schmidt and Franz Siedl, a new breed of researchers continued the Inter-frequency method of their predecessors in the attempt to build stable communication bridges between our world and The Other Side.

Inspired by the theories of Franz Seidl, William O’Neil and others, new twists and tweaks were added to the Inter-frequency process which resulted in what was called The Euro-Signal Bridges.

The name Euro Signal comes from a constant test-tone of sorts;  broadcast at the time over a frequency of 87MHz that was picked up by European radios.  ITC Experimenters tuned their multi-band radios to empty channels between 87MHz to 92MHz.  Over time, these ITC Bridges not only produced EVP Voices;  they also produced Direct Voice and Video Images.


Jules & Maggy Harsch Fischbach

The two-stage system assembled by Jules and Maggy Harsch – Fischbach of Luxembourg consisted of the Gegensprechanlage-1 (GA-1) & the ESB.

In January 1986,  Jules and Maggy began their basic radio experiments and EVP recordings.  By spring of that year the Harsch – Fischbach team had received their first Direct Voice communication and association with the “TimeStream” group from the Other Side.  By August 1986, with the help of TimeStream and fellow researchers like Hans Otto Konig and Dr. Ernst Senkowski;  the GA-1 system had come to fruition with two way communication lasting upwards of 10 minutes.

Dr. Senkowski wrote to George Meek in the USA and told Meek of the successful experiments by Maggy and Jules and hinted that a video system was in the works.

By January 1987,  George Meek, had moved well beyond Spiricom and was embarking in a new direction with Project St. Peter.  The prospect of imagery along with Direct Voice communication was of great interest to Meek and his new research.  Through correspondence with Dr. Senkowski,  George Meek made travel plans to Luxembourg for a demonstration of the GA-1 and ESB systems.

Working backwards,  here is the report George Meek compiled on his experience with Luxembourg Euro Signal Bridge.  You will notice some curious commentary:
Audio Samples From The Visit.

Reception of the audio was not like flipping a switch.  The radio needed adjustment in order to find or keep the conversation going.

In this first example, adjustments are performed when all of a sudden contact is made with Konstantin Raudive:


In this second sample,  sometimes it was necessary to tune the radio into a broadcast channel and then move off channel for contact purposes:


The third excerpt is the recording George Meek mentions as having heard from Nelson D. Rockefeller:


In the 4th sample,  contact is made with Henri St. Claire Deville who attempts to share ethereal information with George Meek and others present in the room:


In the 5th example,  Dr. Senkowski and George Meek chat briefly before another contact with Konstantin Raudive is made.  This time, Raudive speaks in German.


And as far as the pastoral mountain picture Meek mentions in his report….I don’t have them but for reference purposes,  here is a Harsch – Fischbach picture I found at Mark Macy’s World ITC website:

As you can see by George Meek’s report, the GA-1 is a pretty simple device.  In Part – 2 of this article we will hopefully show just how complicated simple can be.

Thank you for reading this and I hope to see you back for the second part of our look into the GA-1 & ESB Euro Signal Bridge.

~ Ron Ruiz & William Pimblott

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