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Sanchita Speaking

Sanchita Russian Lab

Sanchita Speaking by Artem Miheev, PhD, president of the Russian Association for Instrumental Transcommunication (RAIT) – St. Petersburg, Russian Federation Translated by Rita Kozushin Introduction: Sanchita is a group of spiritual beings regularly sending their information to the computer of the trans-communication station in St. Petersburg. The initial contacts originated in 2008 – See Here.…

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Russian Researchers Establish Radio Contact with the Dead

In God All Live Russian researchers have established radio contact with the world beyond the grave by Gregory Telnov originally published on 6/21/2009 in Russian Republished with permission of The Russian Association for Instrumental Transcommunication  (RAIT) Original source in Russian HERE. Translated by Rita Kozushin, Edited by Keith J. Clark A sensational experiment performed by Russian…

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Russia: 25,000 Strong in Spirit

by Keith J . Clark Sometimes we think of the world as a small place, and as we are immersed in our daily lives we may forget how connected we all really are. Living in the United States, I am exposed mostly to information regarding spirit communication from the United States and the UK. Being curious, I…

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