Sanchita Speaking

Sanchita Speaking
by Artem Miheev, PhD, president of the Russian Association for Instrumental Transcommunication (RAIT) – St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Translated by Rita Kozushin

Sanchita Russian Lab


Sanchita is a group of spiritual beings regularly sending their information to the computer of the trans-communication station in St. Petersburg.

The initial contacts originated in 2008 – See Here.
There are questions that, when answered, are fundamental to our understanding of the manifest world. This article initiates a series of questions and answers related to this subject.

Experimental Conditions:

We used a computer with Pentium 4 processor running windows XP, built-in sound card and Cool Edit Pro 2.1 program. Questions were asked into a microphone connected to a sound card which was a source of low level noise signal facilitating the stochastic phoneme resonance*. To interpret the responses we used a multitrack recording algorithm. The answers were obtained by transformation of the speech “sublayer” (original phoneme material processed by computer sound map). The best session time was from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm.

* Stochastic resonance is a phenomenon that occurs in a threshold measurement system when an appropriate measure of information transfer (signal-to-noise ratio, mutual information, coherence, etc.) is maximized in the presence of a non-zero level of stochastic input noise thereby lowering the response threshold; the system resonates at a particular noise level.

The questions and answers supported by speech recordings along with the author’s comments are shown below in English. The recordings are in Russian. Since the voice strength and clarity varies, earphones are recommended. As always, a positive attitude and focused attention were necessary for receiving clear messages from The Other Side.


This is Kupchino** (Russia) This was the typical beginning of each of our sessions. Sometimes The Other Side simply said, “We are here”, “Sanchita is here”, or “We are ready”.

**Kupchino is a southern suburb of St. Petersburg where our station is located.

Question 1:
What is the normal state of people on your side?

We are waves (energy) of course.

Comment: Our group as well as other international researchers have received indications that The Other Side and its dwellers consist of energy (waves).

1. “We are waves.” This message was received in 2004.

2. “Look out the window – energy waves are moving with you.” I received this message in September of 2010 using a dictaphone. It probably refers to a “trans-spacial” window rather than a physical window.

3. (Die) neuste Welle ist wieder lurch (the new wave is again). This is an example of trans-communication message received in Germany by the researcher Hildegard Shefer, the author of the book Bridge Between Worlds.

Question 2:
Will the soul of a murder victim pursue its killer on your side? What would be the nature of their relationship?

We remember this like childhood. We are free.

Comment: As we can see from this answer, people killed during their life on the Earth are free from revenge. On the Other Side, they probably imagine our life like a child’s play in the sand box; one child may hurt another with a toy spade or take away a favorite toy. By the time they grow up, these events appear very small and not so important.

Question 3:
Before reincarnating, can a soul choose the body it will inhabit?

It is destiny.

Comment: This answer supports the concept of karma. It means that there are restrictions in choosing the conditions of human reincarnation, probably depending on one’s own previous actions and development.

Question 4:
When, during pregnancy, does the soul connects with physical body of the baby?

Approximately during the fifth month of pregnancy.

Comment: There are moral and ethical problems associated with the question of when a soul enters its physical body. This process is gradual and starts when a soul establishes connections with an impregnated ovum. Based on this answer, the soul connects with the physical body around the fifth month of pregnancy. The author of this article has subsequently found additional facts matching this information.

Question 5:
Can you speak English with me or other languages?

Communication is appropriate. We are in Russia – you know this.

Comment: As multi-year research in Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) suggests, people on the Other Side, regardless of which language they spoke during their life on the Earth, usually speak to living persons in the listeners’ native language. If there is a group of people who communicate with the Other Side, communication is in the common language for the majority of the members of the group. For instance, when I (the author) participated in séances of the international group, Svarga, the communication was in English, the common language of all participants. As another example, when contact was established with a deceased Russian student, Igor Zamesov, the group from Brazil received a child’s voice answering some questions in Portuguese. This case was presented in the RAIT forum by the author of this article in his note “Echo of Beslan”.

Question 6:
Is it a correct assumption that our memory about past events exists due to the real presence of our consciousness on the Other Side (effect of non-local consciousness in time)?

Absolutely correct.

Comment: Every material object, being non-local in space, is represented at each point of its wave function. It is possible to assume that wave characteristics of our consciousness spread out in time, as if being represented in every moment of time. If this is true, it means that our consciousness of “here and now” is like a highly focused point. Wave characteristics of our consciousness were discussed in an article by D. N. Kulikov, Conceptual Models of Psychophysical Phenomena and the Theory of “Quantum Consciousness” from the Point of View of Integrated Scientific Analysis. Non-locality of the consciousness can explain phenomena of prediction in time and space.

Question 7:
How do you perceive the your environment? Can you describe it in two words?

Light and sound . . . Do you want me to describe it? You are a smart guy in glasses.

Comment: This answer was delivered with Sanchita’s characteristic style of humor. From this answer, we see that visual and auditory perception is preserved on The Other Side. This is further substantiated by reports of near death experiences (NDEs) which describe moving through a tunnel toward a bright light. Hildegard Shafer, the author of Bridge between Dimensions gives an example of auditory perception on The Other Side:

So viele Lichter her. (there is so much light here.)

Question 8:
Can you see my equipment and me?

We see your room.

Comment: The fact that our friends from the Other Side can see and hear us has been confirmed many times in messages received by ITC researchers worldwide.

There is another example addressing this subject which I received earlier via radio voice:

We see and we live!

Furthermore, our experience has confirmed that our thoughts can be heard. This is confirmed by the following message:

We can hear right through you!

Here is a fragment from the dialogue received with the help of our experimental texting program, “Connect”:

Can Sanchita hear me?

Manifestation of thoughts.

Question 9
What makes up station Sanchita, humans, non-humans, or a combination?


Comment: This answer from Sanchita confirms that The Other Side is comprised not only of human beings transitioned to the Other Side but also beings we might refer to as “aliens” or advanced spirits who nevertheless can communicate and work together. The contact between Maggy and Jules Harsch–Fischbach from Luxembourg and an advanced being called “Technician” as described in the book Bridge between Worlds helped to establish a strong connection or “bridge” between this world and The Other Side. Experiments conducted by German researcher, Adolf Homes, included conversations with non-humans of higher evolution who called themselves “Seth” and “Eshkumar”.

Question 10:
How can we increase the signal-to-noise ratio in our sessions?


Comment: The above was a fragment from text dialogue we received via the “Connect” software.

Question 11:
What affects the quality of your signal?

It depends on circumstances.

Comment: These answers support our conviction that every effort to make the signal stronger and clearer should be attempted with the active participation of both sides.

This concludes this overview. We have thousands of files with questions and answers in our RAIT archives, some of them will be included in future postings on our website.

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