Russia: 25,000 Strong in Spirit

by Keith J . Clark

Sometimes we think of the world as a small place, and as we are immersed in our daily lives we may forget how connected we all really are. Living in the United States, I am exposed mostly to information regarding spirit communication from the United States and the UK. Being curious, I decided over the last year to take a look at our colleagues in Russian speaking countries who work with spirit, in particular regarding ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication – communication with people in spirit using electronics). What I found was extremely encouraging and felt it would be an enlightening glance into the growing numbers of people in the world who have an interest in communicating with spirit. This brings us to Russia and their neighbors.

The R.A.I.T. main group – with almost 13,000 members.

With almost 25,000 online members in just 5 social communities in Russia, Estonia, and other neighboring countries, this area of the globe stands as one of the most engaged places in the world. This is quite remarkable, and very clear that just by their sheer numbers alone the Russian speaking community is very active in ITC. This fact, combined with their cohesiveness and positive collective efforts, displays a unified intent to communicate with spirit, advance knowledge of life after death, and network together.

The numbers for this article only indicate those active in ITC social communities, it does not even take into account those involved in the broader areas of paranormal and spiritual! The true numbers are not known, but no matter how you stack it, it is growing like wildfire.

RAIT : Russian Association for Instrumental Transcommunication
In 2004 Artem Miheev and Igor Konshin founded the Russian Association for Instrumental Transcommunication. Since then it has grown to more than 6000 members and has stood strong as well as adapted very well to the use of online social media as a tool. During my interview with Artem, his aspect of humility was clearly expressed, even across a very slight language barrier. (my barrier – as I only speak one language fluently!) As the remaining active founder of R.A.I.T., this is likely an essential characteristic required to harness the collective force and harmony of one of the single largest groups of people in the world working with ITC. As an influence Artem cites Ernst Senkowski’s (physicist) monograph on ITC as something which he read attentively and considers to be a scientific basis for the study of ITC.

As the association is so vast, it would be challenging to name everyone who adds to the contribution of RAIT, and also counter-productive to their stance of unity. Rather, we acknowledge the efforts of all of our Russian friends as they work together towards this common global goal.

ChromeTranslateTIP: Did you know that Google Chrome can automatically translate websites in foreign languages with the click of one button? Break down the language barrier and take a look at what you’ve been missing from other countries in the world.

There are 2 aspects to the Russian Association of Instrumental Transcommunication and its accomplishments.

  • One is the professional group consisting of various members such as Alexey Andrianov (electronic engineer), Ph.D Vadim Svitnev (hydroacoustics), and experimenters Elina Osadchaya and Olga Gromova. But the list doesn’t end there… Artem noted, each individual plays an important part and has a special contribution to the effort – both past and present.
    In 2006 RAIT began laboratory work, and in 2008 this professional group was formed. This group consists of people who have applied their knowledge of specialty areas and credentials obtained through education and careers towards work with spirit. Their work is published on the main RAIT website, in both Russian and English – with sections also in German, Finnish, and Georgian.
  • The other aspect is the online communities which consist of groups (a site similar to Facebook), RAIT’s own facebook page, and other websites and forums created by people, of whom most are RAIT members.

Together both aspects comprise a massive collective effort of which Russia and the world should be proud.

Smartphone Capacitive Test

Photo courtesy of RAIT gallery on page. An ITC experiment involving the effect of capacitance on smartphones – in pursuit of spirit voices.

Sound interesting? Guess what – we made it easy for you! Want to check it out in English? Simply pick one of the links below that interests you and go directly to an English translated page. Find out what you didn’t know was happening on the other side of the world!

(The following links from the R.A.I.T. website are all automatically translated by Google)
Association – Information about RAIT
News – News about ITC in Russia and the world – articles, books, etc.
Library – New! This addition provides a large number of written works available to read online (multiple languages)
Videos (Not Translated) – (Must be member) Exactly what it sounds like – maybe you’ll find something you haven’t seen before!
Contact – The website form to send a message to RAIT.
F.A.Q. – A list of frequently asked questions and answers, history of ITC, etc.

Articles: (Broken down into the areas below)
ITC-Instrumental Transcommunication:

Foreign Studies
Domestic (Russia) Studies
ITC and Amateur Radio
ITC and Religion

Consciousness and Physical Reality:
Dogmatism in Science and Religion
Publications in the Press
Photo Gallery  (Must be a member)
Website Links

Editor’s Note:

When I started this article in September of 2014, there were 6,000 members of the RAIT group on Today, it has grown to almost 13,000!

ITC Communities in Russian Language
As of 3/18/2016, the number of members in a some of the online ITC communities in Russia and neighboring countries (these are just the ones we are aware of today) are as follows:

R.A.I.T.: Kohtakte / (Their Version of Facebook)  –  20,000 members in just 3 groups!
(Links not translated – use Google Chrome to translate)
ITC Russia
EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena
Life After Death. The Evidence. The Science of the Soul

“Contact with the Subtle World” Online Forum – 1,500 members (UPDATE: NONEXISTENT on 8-29-19) – Estonia – Olga Kutsyk and Igor Gagarik – 1,300 members
Bitsoznaniya – Online Forum – 1,700 members
Facebook Group – St. Petersburg Scientific ITC group – 450 members

Photo courtesy of, Source: RAIT gallery – An example of the TV method.

People in Russia and the surrounding countries have been known to be very inventive and creative when it comes to technology – and ITC is no different!

The iDigitalMedium team has established contact with people in 3 countries – Russia, Ukraine, and Estonia. Our team member Rita Kozushin will be assisting us in bridging the gap so that information can flow more freely from the Russian speaking world to the English speaking world (and vice versa) Keep an eye out for upcoming Russian articles and ITC methods translated into English!

By working together, we can begin to unite the world in our common cause. In doing so, we will make our connection with people in spirit that much stronger. Together, we are one.

To our Russian speaking friends across the sea: We congratulate you on your efforts, and today we now say:

We Are Connected

***Special thanks to Artem Mikheev, Olga Kutsyk, and Rina Konstantinova
For any errors or corrections please contact [email protected] 

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to begin the conversation below.

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