Russian Researchers Establish Radio Contact with the Dead

In God All Live

Russian researchers have established radio contact with the world beyond the grave

by Gregory Telnov
originally published on 6/21/2009 in Russian

Republished with permission of The Russian Association for Instrumental Transcommunication  (RAIT) Original source in Russian HERE.
Translated by Rita Kozushin, Edited by Keith J. Clark


On the left – Artem Miheev, on the right – Vadim Svitnev

A sensational experiment performed by Russian scientists enabled them to hear voices from the other side. Vadim Svitnev, Ph.D., and his colleagues from the Russian Association for Instrumental Transcommunication (RAIT) achieved something that seemed mystical until very recently. With the help of specially designed instrumentation and computers they built a bridge into the world on the other side of the veil, where everyone who lived on the Earth currently resides. This contact finally provided an answer to the most sacred question – is there life after death? What happens to our souls after we die?
There is no death, we continue to live on. “We live in a world of harmony and fairness” stated scientists from the other side. Electronic instrumentation recorded these words from the place that many say does not exist. The voices were distorted, but Vadim and Natalia Svitnev, as well as their children Paul and Igor – all recognized the sweet, soft voice.

This is our Mitya! (Mitya is the affectionate name for their son,  which is a diminutive of the Russian name Dmitriy.)

Our Son
Dmitriy Svitnev died in a car accident when he was twenty-one years old.

Natalia Svitnev wrote in her diary: “There were five of us – father, mother, and three sons. We were inseparable, just like five fingers of a hand. All of us were young, happy, and healthy – looking forward to a bright future ahead. Words cannot describe how our lives were forever changed on October 10, 2006 at 10:00pm on the Peterhof  Highway. How did our happy life suddenly spiral into total darkness of despair, fear, and loss? Our lives are now split into two pieces – before and after the accident.”

Natalia Svitnev, her husband, and the author of this article all belong to the generation of young people raised as atheists. Strict teachers hammered it home: “God does not exist, there is no soul, only the physical body – and we’ve learned that after the heart stops beating for more than five minutes – life ends.”

What if death, heaven, and hell are all myths…are they just stories from religious leaders? We were taught that we are only physical matter. Should we believe that we are only conscious physical bodies? Without a soul, without the eternal spark of God? After Mitya’s death, his parents kept asking themselves these questions.

The Quest
What is death – is it a transition into a different world…or is there nothing, and our personalities cease to exist? Vadim and Natalia Svitnev would give anything to hear the voice of their dear son Mitya just one more time.

Vadim read about experiments conducted in different parts of the world by enthusiasts trying to contact dead people with the help of technology. He was very surprised when he learned that attempts to build a radio-bridge into another world were attempted by geniuses such as Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla.

***Editor’s note: Information in the following paragraph was corrected to be historically accurate.
Vadim became very excited when he learned that in 1959 Sweden Friedrich Jürgenson was one of the first to record EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) – he recorded the voice of his dead mother on tape. This method of communication with the “Afterlife” would later become known as “Instrumental Trans-communication” (I.T.C.)

Svitnev found other Jürgenson followers in Russia. He had a meeting with Artem Mikheev which was a very important event – not only for him, but also for many others. Artem has a Ph.D. in physics and mathematics and is the head of the Russian Association of Instrumental Transcommunication (RAITC).

“This is destiny” said Artem. “The Svitnevs managed to achieve something that worldwide researchers have been trying to do for over 50 years. Not only did they establish contact with the other side, they also made a connection, and it is stable and consistent. And their contact on the other side became their own son Mitya.”

“Our son transitioned to the other side on October 10, 2006” said Natalia, “but he was born on January 1, 1985. Almost mirrored dates (10\10 and 01\01). On the Internet, his nickname was MNTR. This is mirrored reflection of “Mitya”. In addition to that, there are many unbelievable numeric and logical coincidences that have convinced us that all of our life’s events are created by God. Nothing is impossible for God or infinite love.”

Mitya answered his parent’s call – one day his voice broke through on a device called a “TransRadio”. “Svitnevs, at last we connected!”

Old radio dial scaleVadim stated: “I asked questions into the microphone, and wrote replies in my laptop notepad; sometimes the answers came even before I could ask them out loud. Then, I was told from the other side: ‘Ask questions telepathically, we can hear you well.’  It is similar to a radio station on the other side, which they referred to as “Energetic”. Mitya, his friends, and our parents talk to us from the other side. It is unbelievable but it is a reality.”

Vadim Svitnev created the Multi-Track method of communication with the afterlife, which substantially improved quality of communication. The first phrase that we heard from the other side using improved equipment were the clearly pronounced words: “The ones who overcame fear, respond!

Svitnev knew then that his method worked, and that he was on the right track.

Thank God, you figured that out!” – said Vadim’s son from the other side. Everyone at the station was thrilled.

Svitnev feels that future prospects of Transcommunication are quite enormous. “This is the first step towards the creation of a permanent bridge to the other side” affirmed the scientist.  “These events will make it possible for technology such as miniature microprocessor receivers (found in cell phones) to be used for communication.”

Vadim Svitnev presented the results of his research at the scientific conference in St. Petersburg. The following are his conclusions which are supported by more than three thousand audio recordings with the dead. (Vadim refers to the other side as “thin physical world” roughly translated as “subtle physical world”):

  • “God exists, and everything in the universe happens according to his design.”
  • “There is no death in the universe, there is only transition from one state of being into another state by shedding of the dense human body, all individual personality and memories are preserved.”
  • “There are intelligent beings in the ‘Thin World’ who watch us, listen, and record every thought of any human being here on the Earth. That is why it is so important to keep our thoughts, language, and actions pure.”

“Our communication is natural, just like in our usual life here” explained Valid and Natalia Svitnev. “We talk with our son and discuss family affairs, support each other, joke and laugh together, and celebrate major holidays. Mitya’s live voice is the biggest reward for our unbroken faith during life’s difficulties. Mitya told us many times: ‘I am here, I returned’. It’s been almost a year and a half since our conversation with the other side began. It was achieved by daily experiments, trials and error. I dare say that for us it has become quite less “otherworldly”. What we can hear from the other side is only a little speck, a fraction of a grand and beautiful world that has been opened right in front of us. Here are just a few phrases that have been spoken from the other side:”

We are the dead who have survived death
This is Mitya. I survived!”
“I have returned! I am fully alive.”
“Happiness awaits us. The doors are here, you will open them.”
“You and I, we are made of light

The secret of our connection…is the Heart.”


For more about The Russian Association of Instrumental Transcommunication, visit our previous article HERE or visit the English portion of their website.

A special thank you to: The Svitnev Family, R.A.I.T., Gregory Telnov,  Artem Mikheev

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