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The Spiricom Information Packet

By Ron Ruiz You saw the ad in a magazine.  You recall your friends talking about MetaScience, Spiricom and how people can now talk to the dead. Curiosity reminds you of the essence of being human,  so you send away for the MetaScience information kit.  You wait patiently for your package to arrive.  Then one…

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SpiriTron-C is the latest audio file for use with the Infinity Box EXP software program.  It strives to produce more natural sounding responses than its big brother – SpiriTron. Here are some of examples of responses obtained using the SpiriTron-C file: While a child’s voice can come through,  other people who have tested this file…

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Alternate Sources For EVPs

By Ron Ruiz For those of you doing traditional EVP work, I salute your efforts and hard work. Your continued dedication to the field would have made fellow researchers like Konstantin Raudive and Sarah Estep very proud. Question:  Are EVP’s more or less significant when they are found in non-paranormal recordings? For me at least,…

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