The Spiricom Information Packet

By Ron Ruiz

You saw the ad in a magazine.  You recall your friends talking about MetaScience, Spiricom and how people can now talk to the dead.

Curiosity reminds you of the essence of being human,  so you send away for the MetaScience information kit.  You wait patiently for your package to arrive.  Then one day you hear the vehicle whose engine noise coming up the road is committed to memory.  Its the mailman.  Your package is delivered.  So what did you get for your money?



Quite a bit of information:

After your initial flipping through the information, you find a note recommending the order in which to review the material.  Okay.


First up is the booklet The Magic of Living Forever which gives you a good understanding of the paranormal and its influences.

To download a PDF copy of The Magic of Living Forever:  Click Here

You take a break to soak up the information you just read and pour yourself a cup of coffee.  Then you open up the large chart and read about the various realms of the afterlife.

You think the pictorial history of ITC is pretty good,  tracing its roots back over a century:


 Now on to the good stuff.  The cassette titled Spiricom Its Development And Potential:

If you haven’t already done so,  you can listen to the complete recording by checking out our other article Here.

And to assist you with comprehending some of the audio responses,  a transcript of the recording is provided:

To download a searchable PDF copy of the Spiricom Transcript,  Click Here.

Finally, an overview on the significance of the Spiricom Breakthrough helps to reinforce the position of the MetaScience Foundation:


To download a PDF copy of the MetaScience Foundation Information Packet,  Click Here

Thank you for your time,
Ron Ruiz

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