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SpiriTron-C is the latest audio file for use with the Infinity Box EXP software program.  It strives to produce more natural sounding responses than its big brother – SpiriTron.

Here are some of examples of responses obtained using the SpiriTron-C file:

While a child’s voice can come through,  other people who have tested this file prior to its release have reported getting more adult sounding responses.

To download the SpiriTron-C audio file, click this link:  SpiriTron-C
The file is in a Zip format so you will need to extract it before using with Infinity Box EXP.

Here are the Infinity Box EXP settings for use with the SpiriTron-C audio file:

SpiriTron-C SettingsThere is some wiggle room in these settings.  Adjusting the Tempo will make the sound a bit faster.  Adjusting the Pitch will raise or lower the pitch of the voice.  Echo is also something you may wish to turn on or off to see if it works best for you.

One fellow researcher who was kind enough to beta-test SpiriTron-C is Kevin Himes.  During his testing, he discovered another setting that worked well for him.   Kevin did a video with these new settings.  You can check out his YouTube Video by clicking Here.

And while the following setting is not an official part of SpiriTron-C…using it it will produce an mildly interactive low pitched Male voice:

For those of you that cannot run the Infinity Box EXP software program, SpiriTron-C will alternate as a Live Stream at our main SpiriTron page:  https://idigitalmedium.com/stream2

A special thanks to Andre – Gretchen – Vicki – Keith – William Pimblott and my wife Charlene for their advice and opinions.

A HUGE thanks to Kevin Himes for taking the time to Beta-Test SpiriTron-C.

I hope you enjoy SpiriTron-C and look forward to hearing your results.















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