Alternate Sources For EVPs

By Ron Ruiz

Image Credit: Me

Image Credit: Me

For those of you doing traditional EVP work, I salute your efforts and hard work. Your continued dedication to the field would have made fellow researchers like Konstantin Raudive and Sarah Estep very proud.

Question:  Are EVP’s more or less significant when they are found in non-paranormal recordings? For me at least, the answer is more, because they demonstrate that one does not have to be in a supposedly haunted location in order to get responses.

Now that winter is upon us here in the northern hemisphere, you do not need to freeze your butt off doing investigations out in the cold. You only have to go as far as your home computer to find alternate sources for EVP’s.

Audio archives –  Youtube videos – 911 calls – police interviews – black box recordings of air disasters and old movies made prior to 1940 have the potential to contain meaningful EVP responses.

Here are three examples from 3 different categories. I will post a snippet from the original recording and a clip of the EVP.  An interpretation of what I hear is also posted for the benefit of those of you that do not regularly listen for EVP’s. Headphones or earbuds are recommended.

Image Credit: Alabama.Gov

Image Credit: Alabama.Gov

Hunting Accident 911 Call
Dec. 31, 2011 – Norton Massachusetts. Cheryl Blair was walking her dogs in the woods near her home just before dusk when she was accidentally shot by John Bergeron, a hunter who thought one of her dogs was a deer.

In this first clip John is talking to the female 911 dispatcher. At the 3 Second Mark you will hear the EVP:


Here is the EVP looped 3 times:

I hear it as: You’re not Jim

Of course the hunter is not Jim. It’s John. I thought this response was someone from the other side “just passing through”. A couple of minutes later the 911 dispatcher asks John his location in the woods in order to direct the EMT’s:

So…..Jim is Cheryl’s husband. It would seem that the Spirit in the first EVP knew enough about Cheryl to realize the man with her was not her husband Jim.

In this second EVP from the same 911 call, John, still distraught, is trying to console Cheryl until help arrives.  This EVP begins at the 3 Second Mark:


Here is the EVP looped three times:

I hear it as: We’re gonna help her

FYI – Cheryl survived her injuries and is alive to this day. This recording has many EVP’s in it and would be a good tool for study. If you wish to review this 911 call for yourself, you can find it by clicking Here.

Image Credit: Orlando PD

Image Credit: Orlando PD

Casey Anthony Police Interview.
Most of us are aware of the circumstances surrounding this woman so I will not go into them.However, during the second police interview conducted in Orlando Florida, I did run across this.

The EVP is melodic and almost singing its response.  It comes in at the 4 Second Mark:


Here is the EVP looped three times:

I hear it as: I’ll shoot the baby for you

In this case, I think the person on the other side making the comment was just passing through and unaware of anything other than the interview involved a child. Unfortunately the original recording has been reshuffled at the TV station website where it was obtained, but I’m sure it can be found.

Image Credit: US Navy

Image Credit: US Navy

Youtube – Underwater Rescue. On the morning of May 26, 2013, the oil service tugboat Jascon-4 suddenly capsized and sank off the Nigerian coast with its 12 member crew still on-board; coming to rest upside-down on the ocean floor at a depth of 100 feet.

Because of the depth involved, recovery divers used an umbilical tube instead of traditional scuba tanks. This umbilical contains the hoses for the air mixture the divers were breathing as well as communication and a hot water delivery system to keep the divers warm.

Due to the helium-air mixture the divers voices sound like chipmunks. In the following clip you will hear a diver say Going Back Inside, followed by the shipboard supervisor confirming the comment.

This EVP is a good example of a Transform EVP which uses ambient sound to help formulate the response. In this case the breathing of the diver.

The EVP comes in at the 4 Second Mark:


Here is the EVP looped three times:

I hear it as: Conserve oxygen (the word oxygen is drawn out)

This seems to me to be an odd comment considering the supervisor and divers already know there is nothing to conserve because the umbilical system provides all the air they need.

If you want to hear the segment in the footage, advance the video to approximately 1 minute 13 seconds.

I hope you found these audio clips interesting enough to inspire you to seek out other EVP’s in non-paranormal recordings. There are millions of audio and video samples for you to choose from. You night be surprised how many contain EVP’s.

If you find any EVP’s from these alternate sources that you would like to share, please join and post them to our sister-site:

As always, thanks for spending some time with us.


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