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The COMPLETE Spiricom Technical Manual

By Ron Ruiz & William Pimblott The Ghost Was Not At 29 Megacycles. Did you know there was more than one version of the Spiricom Tech Manual?  Did you know there were updates issued?   For the first time anywhere, you will have the opportunity to download the complete Final Version of the Spiricom Tech Manual…

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Russia: 25,000 Strong in Spirit

by Keith J . Clark Sometimes we think of the world as a small place, and as we are immersed in our daily lives we may forget how connected we all really are. Living in the United States, I am exposed mostly to information regarding spirit communication from the United States and the UK. Being curious, I…

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Who?? – Foreword

by Ron Ruiz Michael and Joe Lamoreaux are the newest inductees into the ITC Hall of Fame.  These pioneering brothers flew under the radar and are likely some of the greatest EVP researchers you’ve never heard of. Most people who engage in Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) and Radio ITC are familiar with the works of…

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