The Memorial of William Addams Welch

By Ron Ruiz Ever heard of him?  If you haven’t, you are not alone.  Little is known about William Addams Welch.  If you google his name you will come up with basically the same entry over and over of him Continue ReadingThe Memorial of William Addams Welch

A Twist Of FATE – Spiricom or SpiriCon

By Ron Ruiz “Action – Reaction – Cause and Effect.  These are the primal forces that drive the universe and everyone in it” Hopefully by now you are coming to understand the story of Spiricom from its inception up to Continue ReadingA Twist Of FATE – Spiricom or SpiriCon

The Lamoreaux Brothers Chapter – 5

By Ron Ruiz Haven’t read the previous articles on the Lamoreaux Brothers? Click here for the Foreword, here for Chapter 1, here for Chapter 2, here for Chapter 3 or here for Chapter 4 While there had always been clubs, Continue ReadingThe Lamoreaux Brothers Chapter – 5


By Ron Ruiz Did the NSA …aka…National Security Agency tip their hand and possibly validate Electronic Voice Phenomena?  If so, what did they know and when did they know it? As a researcher, I spend lots of time going through Continue ReadingTHE NSA & KONSTANTIN RAUDIVE

The Raudive Diode and Its Place in History

By Ron Ruiz The Raudive Diode has been the source of discussion and frustration among researchers for quite some time. If you do an image search for the Raudive Diode you will see various schematics. This is because the Raudive Continue ReadingThe Raudive Diode and Its Place in History

Telepathy for Loved Ones in World War II?

by Ron Ruiz During WWII, Americans at home were asked to make contributions to the war effort. From buying war bonds to making scrap drive donations of metal, rubber, and even cooking oil; everyone was asked to participate. One individual Continue ReadingTelepathy for Loved Ones in World War II?