The Lamoreaux Brothers Chapter – 5

By Ron Ruiz

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Tricycle Club of Florida

While there had always been clubs, groups, newsletters and organized meetings for numerous interest groups; for the emerging field of EVP/ITC in 1970’s America, things were pretty sparse. Remember; there was no internet, email or Bulletin Board System (BBS). All there was the telephone and the yawning void of snail mail.

While there were a few clubs and conferences dedicated to EVP, those organizations were based in Europe. They came about as the result of the earlier foreign language works of Friedrich Jurgenson and Konstantin Raudive in their respective countries. Here in U.S. we were behind the times because of the lack of research material in the English language.


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For Michael and Joe Lamoreaux, finding the right outlet to share their discoveries led them to the only logical place they could think of…the public library. As luck would have it, they found several books dealing with psychic phenomena and ESP, all written by one person; Harold Sherman. Through his books, radio shows and magazine articles, Harold Sherman had evolved into the known center of the paranormal universe for the U.S.

Joe wrote to Mr. Sherman and was pleasantly surprised to receive a response letter in a timely manner. After exchanging a couple of letters with transcripts of their recordings, Harold Sherman suggested the brothers get in touch with Professor Walter Uphoff.



Walter & Mary Jo Uphoff

Walter, and his wife Mary Jo Uphoff were American researchers and authors who investigated the “Paranormal Voices” that Konstantin Raudive had written about just a couple of years earlier.

After exchanging a couple more letters and transcripts with Walter Uphoff, Michael and Joe were asked to make a recording of their EVP work and send a copy of the tape to Walter. Joe Lamoreaux complied and lucky for us, he also sent a copy to Harold Sherman.



Here is the recording. It runs approx. 27 minutes:


Oh My…..what Walter Uphoff heard on in the recording piqued his interest so much that he made a trip to Washington state to interview the Lamoreaux brothers and learn more about their process. Why? Because as you will hear in the interview, there were not that many people doing EVP work in the United States.

As you listen to the interview, Michael and Joe recount how they became involved in EVP, their work and the different levels of consciousness that were reported by the folks on the other side. I’m sure many of you can relate to some of their humorous observations and methods.

Here is Part-1 of the Uphoff-Lamoreaux Interview. It runs approx. 30 minutes:


Here is Part-2 of the Uphoff-Lamoreaux Interview. It runs approx. 20 minutes:


Walter Uphoff wrote about the Lamoreaux brothers and their work in his 1975 book New Psychic Frontiers.

Thank you for your time. I hope the recordings have shed some light on the early work of the Lamoreaux brothers in the field of EVP research. ~ Ron

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