Telepathy for Loved Ones in World War II?

by Ron Ruiz

Sherman Article Pic-1ADuring WWII, Americans at home were asked to make contributions to the war effort. From buying war bonds to making scrap drive donations of metal, rubber, and even cooking oil; everyone was asked to participate.

One individual offered a most unique contribution.


Sherman Article Pic-1Enter: noted author and psychical researcher Harold Sherman. Mr. Sherman gained notoriety in 1937 by successfully participating in multiple ESP experiments with renowned explorer Sir Hubert Wilkins. From 3,000 miles away, Harold Sherman accurately interpreted impressions sent by Wilkins from the arctic circle.

Harold Sherman was confident that his method of telepathy could be taught to the general public and specifically, to soldiers and their loved ones. He embarked on a personal mission that may have actually have changed the lives of those who tried and achieved the process.

Sherman Article Pic-2Mr. Sherman chose Coronet Magazine as his venue. Owned by Esquire; Coronet was a popular news and entertainment publication.

Upon receiving the initial submission, titled “Telepathy-For Wives And Sweethearts”, the junior editors of the magazine had an opportunity to review and offer their opinion on the article. As you can see by the following notes, their viewpoints were mixed.

Sherman Article Pic-3Luckily for us, managing editor Arnold Gingrich approved the article with “changes” and relayed this information to Harold Sherman. Mr. Sherman immediately began revising his article and had the manuscript sent to Mr. Gingrich the following day.

Sherman Article Pic-4


Sherman Article Pic-5After a few minor changes and a new title, Mr. Sherman’s article appeared in the April 1943 issue of Coronet Magazine.

Here, for your reading pleasure is Bridge Across Absence by Harold Sherman


Sherman Article Pic-6
Sherman Article Pic-7
Sherman Article Pic-8So, did anyone read the article and attempt telepathy?  The answer is yes.

Author K.S. Mueller transcribed her parents World War 2 love letters into the two-volume book titled “More Than Anything in the World”. Here are three quotes from the books:

On April 27, 1943, Sgt. Frank Mueller wrote to his wife Marion and included this sentence in his letter:
“Read about mental telepathy in Coronet and will try it tonight when I’m here alone and can concentrate – see if it works.”

On February 17, 1944, Sgt. Mueller makes another observation:
“The other morning I woke up at 5:00 on the dot and was so wide awake I thought probably you were thinking of me, so there must be something to mental telepathy after all.”

On March 26, 1944 – yet another mention of telepathy:
“It’s been so long since I seen you, darling but still I always felt we were close together didn’t you hon? I guess that’s because we write each other every day, don’t you think, hon? Or maybe mental telepathy.”

If you are a hopeless romantic like myself you might enjoy reading “More Than Anything in the World” by K.S. Mueller. I know I did.

While it is hard to say exactly how many people read the article in Coronet magazine and experimented with telepathy, one thing is certain:

Harold Sherman’s contribution to the war effort cannot be measured in pounds of scrap metal donated or the number of war bonds bought.

Harold Sherman’s contribution provided a semblance of hope and the possibility that soldiers and sweethearts could reach across an ocean…and kiss the ones they loved.

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