A Twist Of FATE – Spiricom or SpiriCon

By Ron Ruiz “Action – Reaction – Cause and Effect.  These are the primal forces that drive the universe and everyone in it” Hopefully by now you are coming to understand the story of Spiricom from its inception up to Continue ReadingA Twist Of FATE – Spiricom or SpiriCon

The Spiricom Information Packet

By Ron Ruiz You saw the ad in a magazine.  You recall your friends talking about MetaScience, Spiricom and how people can now talk to the dead. Curiosity reminds you of the essence of being human,  so you send away Continue ReadingThe Spiricom Information Packet

The COMPLETE Spiricom Technical Manual

By Ron Ruiz & William Pimblott The Ghost Was Not At 29 Megacycles. Did you know there was more than one version of the Spiricom Tech Manual?  Did you know there were updates issued?   For the first time anywhere, you Continue ReadingThe COMPLETE Spiricom Technical Manual

Spiricom – Its Development & Potential – The Complete Recordings

Spiricom Its development and potential LP

By Ron Ruiz Hi Folks.  As 2016 is winding down and people have more time at home, I thought now would be a good time to release the complete recordings of the Spiricom LP that was provided to members of Continue ReadingSpiricom – Its Development & Potential – The Complete Recordings

Declassified – The Spiricom Technical Report

By Ron Ruiz During his January 1982 visit to Bill O’Neil in Adrian, PA,  Bruce Dapkey spent a fair amount of time studying the setup and process used to operate the Spiricom device. After all….the big press conference in Washington Continue ReadingDeclassified – The Spiricom Technical Report

The Personal Plight of of Bill and Mary Alice O’Neil

By Ron Ruiz Out beyond the horizon.  Where the moonlight fears to go.  A madman lies upon the ground, and moans.  Dreaming the dreams of a thousand nightmares.  All at once. Bruce Dapkey was one of the original members of Continue ReadingThe Personal Plight of of Bill and Mary Alice O’Neil

The Original Spiricom Tones

By Ron Ruiz Over the years there has been much speculation over the exact frequencies used by Bill O’Neil during his experiments with the Spiricom device.  There has also been commentary how the sound of the tones heard in the Continue ReadingThe Original Spiricom Tones

First Contact Between George Meek and Bill O’Neil

By Ron Ruiz The relationship between George Meek and Bill O’Neil went back much earlier than the Spiricom era of the 1980’s. For those of you familiar with the book Ghost of 29 Megacycles by John Fuller, you will recall Continue ReadingFirst Contact Between George Meek and Bill O’Neil

Sarah Estep Operates Spiricom

By Ron Ruiz George Meek’s goal with Spiricom was to change the world to the point where the human race would abandon its evil ways and embrace a new awareness that would usher in an era of peace. Unfortunately, things Continue ReadingSarah Estep Operates Spiricom

The Exorcism Of Bill O’Neil and Mary Alice

By Ron Ruiz   An excerpt from page 53 of the book; After We Die, Then What by George W. Meek: “In February 1974, I was awakened at 3:15 a.m. by the ringing of the telephone.  An acquaintance, Bill (O’Neil) Continue ReadingThe Exorcism Of Bill O’Neil and Mary Alice


SpiriTron-C is the latest audio file for use with the Infinity Box EXP software program.  It strives to produce more natural sounding responses than its big brother – SpiriTron. Here are some of examples of responses obtained using the SpiriTron-C Continue ReadingSpiriTron-C